Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Our Christmas story by Chema & Sofi

Our story begins in 1960 when a couple of Irish guys came to ask me something...My name was Alison Mernial I was a poor girl with a poor family I was sick I had a very odd illness... Well... I tell you that guys were kind, friendly and gentle they were just good with me... Well they ask me about the hotel... Ferrer machie.. I told them it was in the 17th street between a cafeteria and a drugstore... They told me "you look very tired come with us" so I told them... "ok".... I smiled :) when we arrived to he hotel they gave me a hot tea to drink... I say just "thanks"... They started talking me about their country... (all the traditions) then they asked me about the traditions of Christmas in England, I told him that in Christmas we love To hear beautiful Christmas music. We love to decorate Christmas Trees and hang up evergreen branches.
I also tell him about traditions... Like... In Christmas night The Children leave an empty stocking or pillowcase hanging at the end of the bed. In the morning they hope it will be full of presents." I also do it"I said but when I woke up there's nothing... I think Santa don't like me because I'm poor ... Anyways I'm happy. (I smiled) . At the dinner time what families usually eat is roast turkey with vegetables and sauces. For dessert it is rich, fruity Christmas pudding with brandy sauce. Mince pies, pastry cases filled with a mixture of chopped dried fruit. But I can't eat anything of that because I have not enough money to buy it... Well the only thing I am able to eat min Christmas is vegetables and a bit of soup... Well anyways I can expect more.
After I say that they stay quiet. I was really uncomfortable... So I tell them "can I go home now?" They told me "yeah.n.. But we are going to take you home... Is that ok? " ... "sure" I said... When we arrived To my home I told them "Thankyou for everything"... They just smiled(: .... Time later (Christmas day) I was really hungry but the only thing we had to eat was soup and vegetables... And some fruits too... Before we started to eat someone knocks at the door... My mom stand up and answered the door "who's there?" she asked... Oh how Surprise! There were the gentle guys... I smiled to them :) ... They told me hello! Do you remember us? I just smiled again and said " how can I forget you guys" they smiled :)... They were here to gave us some food ... My mom say Thankyou so much " how can I pay you?" she asked ... They said "it's a gift from us to you" and they smiled :) my mom said "thank you so much... Please join us...they smiled and sit at the table .... Days after before they went back to Ireland ... I went to the hotel to say thank you to them.. And I gave them a letter and this journal... I said "please don't read anyone before 2 months" .. They say " ok.. But why?" I told them " you will see.." and I smile.." we'll it's time to go.. So good bye " I said ... They smiled and hug me... (after 2 months they read the card that said this) ... Hey dear guys... My friends... You are really good persons... Thanks for everything ... You make my last Christmas the best of all Christmas I ever had... (they asked themselves "last?" then they keep reading) you may ask to your selves "last?" yeah it was my last Christmas... Because I had a very odd illness and I don't have any medicines that can help me... So I'm not anymore there ... I'm just resting in a better place ... Don't worry about me... despite everything I was happy.... I will remember you forever... Your friend Ali ... (guys talking) I will remember her forever... :)
The end.


  1. your story is some sadly because she dies but is interesant.


  2. Your story is sadly because the girl die but at the same time is happy because the girl have a good last Christmas.