Wednesday, March 29, 2017

El pícaro, la ogresa, la hija del rey y el dragón Daniel Lemus Mota

El picaro, la ogresa, la hija del rey, y el dragón

Mi Opinión 

En mi opinión el cuento es muy interesante, ya que me gusto mucho el mensaje que deja este cuento, para mí el mensaje que me da este cuento es que cuando se cierra un camino se abre otro, el mantra que me conecto con este cuento es "Yo estoy aquí por mí y solo por mi", me conecte con este mantra porque en la historia hay una parte en la que la hija del rey estaba en peligro, pero Mqidesh estaba enamorado de la hija del rey, entonces decidió salvarla, aunque sabía que enfrentar a ese dragón era un gran peligro, aun así decidió enfrentarlo.


El cuento trata de un hombre cuyo nombre era Mqidesh, él vivió con sus padres, pero el día de su muerte el heredó todo, cuñado se le estaba acabando su dinero decido irse de su pueblo a comenzar una vida nueva, él iba galopando en su corcel cuando de repente le dijeron que para poder pasar tenía que beber leche materna de la ogresa, la cual no dejaría pasar a Mqidesh si no lo hacía ya que al beber su leche la ogresa activaría su sentido materno y no lo lastimaría, cuando se pudo ir de ahí el siguió su camino pero de repente su corcel y Mqidesh se cansaron entonces decidieron parar en la fuente más cercana para tomar agua y así descansar, cuando llegaron a la fuente se dieron cuenta de que estaba vacía, le preguntaron a la persona más cercana y les dijo que estaba encantada y que para que el agua fluyera tenían que realizar un sacrificio, tenían que sacrificar a una joven y este sacrificio le tocaba a la hija del rey, cuando Mqidesh lo subo y fue a salvarla, mató al dragón y el hechizo se rompió, así fue como la nueva vida de Mqidesh comenzó. 

Escobar, Melba ; "Los siete mejores cuentos árabes". El pícaro, la ogresa, la hija del rey y el dragón. Pág 26 ; editorial Norma ;2004

Daniel Lemus Mota 

Friday, March 24, 2017

Canada vs Mexico

First Nations and prehispanic cultures

Prehispanic cultures and First Nations lived in different places,cut both had symbols that have an spiritual meaning or represent something for them.This symbols could also have a representation of animals or object around them, as the eagle in First Nations, they mean grace, power, and has great intellectual abilities and Eagles in Zapotec culture means intelligent, analytical, and generous people.

By: Manuel A.Tinoco, Iker Ramirez,Allexa,Gabriel Rojas,Santiago merchant

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Máquinas simples salón 6to

Una maquina simple es un artefacto mecánico que transforma un movimiento en otro diferente, valiéndose de la fuerza recibida.

Fiding Nemo

1In the story his Nemo family was only his father and his self because his mom dead.

2In the story a pelican helps Marlin and Dory to find Nemo and I connect with that situation because when I have 2 years old I lost in a food area.

3The mantra of the story is Mistakes are part of my learning process

4In the story Dory bounce with the jelly fish 

5 In the story Nemo disobey his father.

By:Joshua Alexandre González Pérez

Finding Nemo

Nemo disobey to Marlin and touch the boat.

Mistakes are part of my learning process.

Nemo go to school and respect the others.

Nemo is in the dentist and I can always to forme and scape. 

Nemo have discipline and values and respect the others. Pilar 

Finding Nemo

I relate with Nemo because he was going through a new step in his life and wanted to do more stuff and have new friends but with this step comes many mistakes but from them we learn that's why I connect the story with the mantra"Mistakes are part of my learning process."Which we can use when we try a new sport or art and fail the first time,but from those mistakes we are going to learn,even if you fail fifty times at the end you will learn until you master this sport or art.

Finding Nemo

This book is about family and it can be connected with the mantra thre are no right or wrong ideas because Nemo have a different way to think to his father thinks.       
I connected with the story because sometimes I don't have the same ideas than my parents and I don't like the same things.
This book also tall us the relations with friends or other people and this can be related to the mantra I trust myself and respect others because Nemo respect Dory and his new friends.                                             

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Totem History

Once upon a time in a world of many gods, if the gods are months of the year for example December, December is very brave strong but is a bit silly, January is the clever of all but the shyest, February is the best at making weapons Very powerful and mythical, March if the most handsome of all but quite lazy never does anything, April is the most agile but weak, May is the most beautiful and funny clear always makes everything good, June is the smallest of all but even Small is the most powerful of all and Julio the new god ... but wait, how did God become rather like they became gods?
First of all there was a very strong war before the war was the war.
The reason the war started was only by territory and more power was better, all countries fought for more territory but were those boys who did not want war, had a plan to stop it but was too dangerous because if they discovered they could To die, the plan was to unite them all by letters.
When all the countries had the letters they agreed to go to a place, they very happy that the war would end but they discovered the plan knew but they believed that it was to win to all, to gain territory a trap, like all evil being killed them.
When they discovered the plan in depth they were the monkeys they only wanted peace so everything ended they made peace come back for that reason they became gods, gods of peace.
Gabriel R

Totem Story

A long time ago on ancient Canada there were many gods in fight with each other for the supreme power of all the gods. Every god had it's own crew of fighters and allies for winning the fight.
But there were several tribes unite that were called "The First Nation of The Pacific", they were against all the conflict that the gods made and in several times they tried to stop it, but they always failed.
On the other side there were 5 gods competing for the power; one was "Floosh", the god of darkness and relax, then "Canary", The goddess of restlessness with her canary cry  , then "Rose", The goddess of of nature, soil and plants, then "Zod", The god of power and strenght, and "Miss Harl", the goddess of fun love and friends, but something changed in her that wanted more power.

One day everything was calmed and normal, when suddenly...... 5 big explosions occured in the mountains, and the fight started. They were fighting very hard and they've damage their lands. Suddenly the ground started to shake and to open in big parts, everyone was in danger and the crew of fighters started to fall. When the gods were at the risk of death and when everything was almost lost "The First Nation of The Pacific" arrived and saved them.

After that the gods thanked them and relized they did not needed the supreme power and the damage they made to their lands and worked together to repair the damage. The "First Nation of The Pacific" made a totem in their honor because they recognized it is better as a group for sharing than alone.