Thursday, March 13, 2014

Help (Healing our Planet)

Help (Healing our Planet)
A Great Trip

Our story for Mother's Day Assembly
Once upon a time, the Beatles were stuck because they needed a song, but they couldn't imagine how to begin. They decided to go on a trip to Notting Hill to get inspired and asked their manager Christian Rufino to take them there. When they arrived to Notting Hill they went to a park, suddenly a thunderstorm started and a thunder hit the Beatles, but not to Christian Rufino.

When they woke up, they discovered that they were in a very big yellow submarine with a lot of people and lights. They suddenly saw a girl that was talking with some friends and they started to talk with them. The persons were called Jennifer Karina, Dr. Zeuss, Brian Hilario, and there were also 2 tweens called Perlaivette and Ximena. Paul Mccartney started to ask questions and then, the Beatles  noticed that they were in the future. They took the oportunity to have some vacations and relax. Jennifer Karina started to talk about the global warming and also Perlaivette and Ximena, the 2 tweens told the Beatles that they had a house in the North Pole, but it was sinking because the poles were melting, and it was caused because the global warming. The Beatles noticed that it was a very big problem with the global warming, but no one cared, Ringo Star tried to talk about it with other people but everyone ignored him.
After a lot of time, the Beatles had an idea to avoid the global warming, so they tried to return to the past, but they had 2 problems, the first one was that they didn't know how to go back, and the second one was that. George harrison was missing.
The tweens were enlove with George Harrison, so they kidnapped him, the Beatles told the capitan Josetisok to help them find George. They found Perlaivette, Ximena and George in the kitchen of the submarine.
Josetisok told them there was a time machine somewhere in the submarine, but suddenly, 4 soldiers tried to avoid the Beatles to go and investigate where the timemachine was. After a very big struggle, the Beatles found the machine and went to their actual time. They made the song "Help!" And since that day, the Beatles started to tell the people to don't pollute.