Monday, April 7, 2014

Help (Healing our Planet) A Great Trip

Our Mother's Day Assembly


Ringo Star- Rodrigo Magaña                  Paul McCartney- Andrés Laszlo

John Lennon-Amaury Villa                     George Harrison- Christian Lemus

Anacleta- Micaela Torregrosa                 Bonifacio- Sebastián Villa

Anastacia- Nadua Olmos                        Panfilo-  Maximiliano Leal

Jennifer Karina- Ana Karen Arcos          Josetisok- Antonio Grez

Dr. Zeus- Mariano Zamudio                    Brian Hilario- Kevin Soriano

Perla Ivette- Ana Teresa Vega                 Ximena- Renata Muñoz

                                  Story teller- Emiliano Velasco

A Great Trip  -  Help (Healing the Planet)

Storyteller: Once upon a time  the Beatles were stucked  in the Yellow Submarine.  They needed a song, but they couldn`t imagine how to begin.

Ringo Star: Why don`t we go in a trip to get inspired?

Paul McCartney: Yes, that`s a great idea!  We can go to Notting Hill!

John Lennon: Of course! That is a great place.

George Harrison: Okay everything is ready. I will buy the tickets.

José Tizoc:  Tickets, tickets buy your tickets for Notting Hill’s park.

George Harrison:  What’s the price per ticket?

José Tizoc:  It’s a real bargain, you only have to pay 1 pound for each one.

Storyteller: They arrived at  Notting Hill, they went to a park,  suddenly they heard a thunderstorm, (the thunderstorm hit the Beatles)

(Sound a thunderstorm)

Paul McCartney: (Wakes up) What happened? (Looks around) What is this place? Guys, wake up!

Ringo, John and George: (wake up)

Ringo Star:(sleepy) What is the problem? Don’t be so rude!

Paul McCartney: Haven`t you noticed that we aren`t in the park anymore?

John Lennon: Wait, what? This is not possible… (Looks around) It`s true!

George Harrison: Why..? I mean when..? I mean how?

Paul McCartney: I am not sure, let`s ask someone where are we?

(group on the other side of stage having fun music Yellow Submarine)

John Lennon: Why don`t we ask her? (Points to Jennifer Karina in the group).

George Harrison:(walks towards Jennifer Karina) Hey can you tell us where are we?
Jennifer Karina: We are in a costume party to remember the 60`s in the Yellow Submarine.

John Lennon: To remember it?

Jennifer Karina: Yes, to remember it.

John Lennon: What? Which year are we?

Anacleta: We are in the year 2014, why?

The Beatles: We have traveled to the future!  (amazed)

Ximena: To the future? Who are you guys? Are you famous?

George Harrison: We are the Beatles, but we have no idea of how we were able to travel in time.

Perla Ivette: That is awesome, my sister and I love your songs! You are the best group of all the times.

Paul McCartney: Thanks… but how could it be possible?

Dr. Zeus: It must have been a reaction to a natural phenomenon that made you travel in time.

John Lennon: Wow, you are pretty intelligent, what`s your name??

Dr.Zeus: Oh! Sure, sorry for my rudeness, I am  Dr.Zeus, nice to meet you.

Brian Hilario: He is one of the greatest scientists of all times, I am his apprentice Brian Hilario. 

George Harrison: (talks to the Beatles)  Well guys,  (thinking) I think we should….relax, and vacation here!!

Everybody: Yes!!

( Anacleta goes to the group where Bonifacio, Anastacia and Panfilo are)

Anacleta: Hey guys!  I have some good news to tell you!  (shouting)

BonifacioLannoyed) Why are you shouting?  Calm down  please!

AnastaciaLmad) Don`t start again!! Bonifacio let her finish first.

Anacleta: Thank you Anastacia, well the Beatles are here in the boat!!!

Panfilo: It’s impossible!!! They are from the sixties, they can`t be here.

Anacleta: If  they were here!(excited) we could become rich by showing the world that they have traveled in time!! Think about it Panfilo.

Panfilo: Okay, let’s make a plan. (in a circle discussing)

 Panfilo: Perfect! We have the plan.
Anacleta: Awesome Panfilo!  Now we have to do it!

Anastacia: Ok! so this is the plan, Bonifacio and Panfilo will distract Jennifer Karina, Ximena and Perla Ivette because they know we are planning something. Then Anacleta and myself will bring a bunch of people,   the Beatles sing and we get lots of money!

Bonifacio: I love this plan! So, let`s do it!…

Anacleta: But wait…. We can do something else ( with a mean voice) we pollute the water by the  yellow submarine,  if the Beatles try to escape, they won’t be able to do so!

Bonifacio: Great Idea so let´s do it guys!

(they go to the party)

( Bonifacio and Panfilo distract Jenifer Karina)

Panfilo: Hi Jenifer Karina, Ximena and Perla Ivette, you look so cute today…

Jenifer Karina: Thank you Panfilo?  You are very kind today!

Ximena: Sure!!!!!We are terrific and wonderful.

Bonifacio: Yes that´s true,  you too Perla Ivette you look really pretty today!

Perla Ivette: Are you talking to me? Hahahaha you are so wrong.   I always look pretty!

José Tizoc:  Oh sure, she is the prettiest girl here!  (suspires)

StoryTeller: Meanwhile the Beatles started feeling nervous because they sensed something wrong was happening
John Lennon: Guys I feel really bad, I feel something strange in my body, it smells horrible and I hear lot of noise! 

StoryTeller: The plan of Anastacia, Bonifacio, Panfilo and Anacleta was starting and it was affecting the planet and the people.

Ringo star: Relax John let’s have a great time!

Paul: We have to investigate now!

(Perla  Ivette, Jenifer Karina and Ximena go with the Beatles secretly)

Ximena: Guys, Anastasia’s group is taking advantage of you.

Jeniffer Karina: But also they are polluting and that affects  global warming so we have to do something quick to stop this big problem! We need HELP!

Perla Ivette:  Yes we have to do it now! I have a plan to stop this problem!

Perla  Ivette: Okay, first  we have  to build a machine to travel to the past and leave you guys  there.

Jennifer Karina: Ok that is a good idea but what can we do with global warming?

Ximena: We can pick up the trash!

George: Girls keep calm and breath !

John:  Let’s relax.  My idea is to go back to our time and begin healing the planet.

Ringo: Yes, we have to promote prevention measures.
Storyteller:  They began  creating  the machine to stop Anacleta, Anastasia, Panfilo,  and Bonifacio with their evil plans and decided to talk to them.

Ximena: Who will talk to them?  (in a whisper)

John: You will do it Ximena (goes with Anacleta,Anastasia,Bonifacio and Panfilo)

Ximena: Hi Guys!  Why do you want to affect the Beatles and our planet causing more damage to it.

Dr. Zeus: We have to stop polluting and creating damages to our home planet  Earth.

 Brian HIllario: It is more important to help our planet than  becoming rich!

Anacleta: We don´t care about  anything, global warming is not our problem and you will not change our minds.

Anastasia: Anacleta, probably they are right we are affecting everybody! Why don’t we stop this?

Bonifacio:  Anacleta people around the world  are getting sick and  the animals’ habitats are being harmed.   We have to STOP IT!

Panfilo: Yes! Stop it,  it´s not good for anyone!

Anacleta:  I’m so sorry guys, you are right!   We have to stop this! This is not good!

Brian Hillario: I heard that Ringo and Paul are making something to stop this so let’s go!

Dr. Zeus: Yes let´s go!

Paul: We finished everything!

Ringo: Wow, we learnt many ways to prevent  global warming.   Now we can imagine a better world!

Paul: Well guys we have to go back to our time!  The machine is ready!

Ringo: Thanks for everything! Don´t forget to take care of the planet! 

Beatles:  See you soon! (Beatles disappear)

All: BYE!!!

Story Teller: Everybody began taking care of our planet and everybody lived  happy…

Everybody:  Don´t forget to take care of the EARTH!