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A Day in the Museum VESTUARIO

Nuestra historia de desarrolla a principios del siglo XX entre los años 1915 y 1930 por lo que los actores deberán personificar esa época con su vestuario: Alumnos: Vestuariopantalón formal, boina o sombrero, zapatos, camisa manga larga o corta, tirantes, corbata (si lo desean), o traje completo. Peinado: cabello con gel peinado para atrás o de lado.
Alumnas: Vestuario vestido, zapatos o sandalias, collares largos y adorno en la cabeza.
En la historia hay tres cuadros vivientes, los actores deberán traer: DAVID representa al cuadro "Grapes,Lemons and Pears de Vincent Van Gogh. TRAER marco de cuadro de papel ilustración o cualquier otro papel duro(COLOR VIVO) (60 x 60cms) con agarraderas para poder sostenerlo por atrás y nombre de la pintura y autor abajo. Vestuario pantalón formal, zapatos, camisa manga larga o corta,
 tirantes, corbata (si lo desean), o traje completo. Peinado: cabello con gel peinado para atrás o de lado

JIREH representa el cuadro de "The Young Woman fron the Latin Quarter" de Edvard Munch TRAERmarco de cuadro de papel ilustración o cualquier otro papel duro (COLOR VIVO)(60 x 60cms) con agarraderas para poder sostenerlo por atrás y nombre de la pintura y autor abajo. VESTUARIO vestido, zapatos o sandalias, collares largos
OLMO representa el cuadro "Republica Automatons" de Georg Grosz  TRAER marco de cuadro en papel ilustración o cualquier otro papel duro (COLOR VIVO)(60 x 60cms) con agarraderas para poder sostenerlo por atrás y nombre de la pintura y autor abajo. VESTUARIO pantalón formal, zapatos, camisa manga larga o corta, tirantes, corbata (si lo desean), o traje completo. Peinado: cabello con gel peinado para atrás o de lado y una máscara o tipo de sombrero de taza.

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Our TRANSMEDIA ART HISTORY PROJECT includes collaborative learning, this mean that we will learn from our research as well as making others participate in learning, as our friends from Canada.

In this link you will find some questions that come up from Chimney Hill Elementary in Vancouver, we will share what we know, and we will have a SKYPE CONFERENECE discussion around them.

Diego Rivera Biography

Diego María de la Concepción Juan Nepomuceno Estanislao de la Rivera y Barrientos Acosta y Rodríguez (December 8, 1886 – November 24, 1957) better known simply as Diego Rivera was a prominent Mexican painter born in Guanajuato, Guanajuato, and husband of Frida Kahlo (1929–1939 and 1940–1954). His large wall works in fresco helped establish the Mexican Mural Movement inMexican art. Between 1922 and 1953, Rivera painted murals among others in Mexico CityChapingoCuernavaca, San Francisco,Detroit, and New York City.[1] In 1931, a retrospective exhibition of his works was held at the Museum of Modern Art in New York City.
Rivera was descended from Spanish nobility on his father's side. Diego had a twin brother named Carlos, who died two years after they were born.[2] From the age of ten, Rivera studied art at the Academy of San Carlosin Mexico City. He was sponsored to continue study in Europe by Teodoro A. Dehesa Méndez, the governor of the State of Veracruz. His mother was a Converso, a Jew whose ancestors had been forced to convert to Catholicism.[3] Speaking about himself, Rivera wrote in 1935 "My Jewishness is the dominant element in my life.[4]
After arrival in Europe in 1907, Rivera initially went to study with Eduardo Chicharro in Madrid, Spain, and from there went to Paris, France, to live and work with the great gathering of artists inMontparnasse, especially at La Ruche, where his friend Amedeo Modigliani painted his portrait in 1914.[5] His circle of close friends, which included Ilya EhrenburgChaim SoutineAmedeo Modigliani and Modigliani's wife Jeanne HébuterneMax Jacob, gallery owner Leopold Zborowski, and Moise Kisling, was captured for posterity by Marie Vorobieff-Stebelska (Marevna) in her painting "Homage to Friends from Montparnasse" (1962).[6]

Career in Mexico

n 1920, urged by Alberto J. Pani, the Mexican ambassador to France, Rivera left France and traveled through Italy studying its art, including Renaissance frescoes. After José Vasconcelos became Minister of Education, Rivera returned to Mexico in 1921 to become involved in the government sponsored Mexican mural program planned by Vasconcelos.[7] See also Mexican muralism. The program included such Mexican artists as José Clemente OrozcoDavid Alfaro Siqueiros, and Rufino Tamayo, and the French artist Jean Charlot. In January 1922,[8] he painted – experimentally in encaustic – his first significant mural Creation[9] in the Bolívar Auditorium of the National Preparatory School in Mexico City while guarding himself with a pistol against right-wing students.
In the autumn of 1922, Rivera participated in the founding of the Revolutionary Union of Technical Workers, Painters and Sculptors, and later that year he joined the Mexican Communist Party[10] (including its Central Committee). His murals, subsequently painted in fresco only, dealt with Mexican society and reflected the country's 1910 Revolution. Rivera developed his own native style based on large, simplified figures and bold colors with an Aztec influence clearly present in murals at the Secretariat of Public Education in Mexico City[11] begun in September 1922, intended to consist of one hundred and twenty-four frescoes, and finished in 1928.[8]
His art, in a fashion similar to the steles of the Maya, tells stories. The mural "En el Arsenal" (In the Arsenal)[12] shows on the right-hand side Tina Modotti holding an ammunition belt and facing Julio Antonio Mella, in a light hat, and Vittorio Vidali behind in a black hat. However, the En el Arsenal detail shown does not include the right-hand side described nor any of the three individuals mentioned. Rivera'sradical political beliefs, attacks on the church and clergy made him a controversial figure even in communist circles. Leon Trotsky lived with Rivera and Kahlo for several months while exiled in Mexico.[13] Some of Rivera's most famous murals are featured at the National School of Agriculture at Chapingo near Texcoco (1925–27), in the Cortés Palace in Cuernavaca (1929–30), and the National Palace in Mexico City (1929–30, 1935).

Work in Museum Collection


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History Experts

Our story beggins with two kids that are going to the Art Institude of Chicago, where something strange happens: some paintings talk. But these paintings are sad because people don't pay attention to them. The two kids are going to talk with the owner about history of art and explain art.

Luke: Obel Garcia
Gabriela: Paola Mendoza
First painting: David Treviño
The woman in blue (second painting): Jireh Gonzales
Narrator 1: Jireh Gonzales
Narrator 2: Nina Okasaki
Woman: Karla Ibarra


TANIA- Dana Brito
ALISON- Nina OKazaki
VANESSA- Miranda Bustinzar
JOY- Karla Ibarra
NARRATOR- Paola Mendoza
STORYTELLER - Matias Torregrosa

This story is about one girl who visits The Art Institude of Chicago. Suddenly she was stucked when she found an extit she hears some voices, who are paintings and become alive in the night. Alison, Vanessa and Joy were having a discussion about which style is the best Surrealism, International Style or Harlem Renaissance. When they know that Tania needs to go to her house they realize they need a magic key to leave this world of art and they help her.

The robbery

The story is about 3 friends in a museum that are seeing the paintings and they ask the prices to the recepcionist. She gives a very high amount of money for each painting and they plan to steal it.
In the night, they take it but the person of the painting comes out and tell them that if they know some information, he will stay with them. They say all questions correct and the man of the painting tell them that one of them is Al Capone. Al Capone says he is good and for celebrating his rehabilitation, they will dance.

Dave-Matias Torregrosa
Freddy, Al Capone-Jaime Torres
Peter-Daniel Alejandro
Coffee guy-Olmo Lavalle
Narrator-Nina Okasaki
Recepcionist-Karla Ibarra

The Magic of the Artist Brush

Our story begins on 1906 in Paris,France with Pablo Picasso and Henri Matisse. The 2 painted 2 masterpieces with a magic brush. If you join the 2 paintings something extraordinary occurs. Now 3 brothers on the Art Institute of Chicago, are looking for the 2 paintings to reveal the mystery of the 2 paintings to find a new world and their enemy.
Mauricio,Fernando,Adrian,Reynier, and Olmo

Jaime-Pablo Picasso
Alex-Henri Matisse
Olmo-Elmer Curio(antagonist)
Fernando-John Soap McTavish
Mauricio-Wenseslao Wilson
Adrian-Jasper Emett
Olmo and Reynier-Museum Guards

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To learn more about how CUBISM expanded to different nations, here you will find how Diego Rivera and Rufino Tamayo were part of this movement, you can see some of their paintings, and you can share what do you know about him and this kind of production.
Share your comments on:
1. What do you know about this CUBISM in your country?
2. What do you know about Diego Rivera and Rufino Tamayo?
3. Are there some painters in your country that contribute to this movement?
4. How do you feel while watching at this kind of paintings?
5. How do you "connect" with Diego Rivera and Rufino Tamayo Cubism paintings?
6. What do you learn by the story  "AN INCREDIBLE ADVENTURE AT THE MUSEUM" that we created? Would you like to add something? (You can read in this blog) 




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Cubism was an artistic movement developed between 1907 and 1914, born in France and led by Pablo Picasso, Georges Braque and Juan Gris. It was called cubism because it was said that the paintings were composed of small cubes. Cubism wonders, too, the problems of volume and break with tradition spaces. Su renaissance and impressionist is total, and looking for new pictorials space for your characteristics forms. One



A new way to approach students to learn, making them doing their own research, being able to create stories, and giving them the opportunity to recreate, understand and produce art, through STORYTELLING.

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Storyteller:   Adrián


Our story takes place in the Art Institute of Chicago  the time is the end of the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th century.    A time of great changes and known as Modernism, but I don´t want you to get bored with all my explanations lets go inside there and watch what is happening.

Background:  (every is walking through the streets of Chicago, some in a hurry, others just watching or chatting)  Music of the 1920´s

Students step down from stage except for:

History Experts


Luke: Obel

Gabriela: Paola

First painting: David

Second painting: Jireh

Narrator: Jireh

Man: David

Story teller: "Luke and Gabriela went to the Art Institute of Chicago. They were seeing all the paintings."

Luke: "I like this painting, is called “Sunflowers"

Gabriela: "It's very colorful and quiet"

David: “I am David the painter of  Sunflowers"

Storyteller: "Luke and Gabriela jump and go back"

Gabriela: "It's alive and is talking to us" (scared)

Luke: "Am I crazy? The paintings don't talk!" (Shouting and placing his hands in his head)

David: "I can,  is it something wrong?" (surprised)

Luke: "You are a painting of the postimpressionism and your "father" is Vincent Van Gogh"

Gabriela: "Post impressionism started in 1880's until the 1900's. In that time Roger Fry started it and Van Gogh is one of the most important painters of that time" (Excited and annoyed)

Luke: "The main exponent for post impressionism was the British artist Roger Fry who placed an exposition of his paintings in 1910" (Proudly of his intelligence)

Gabriela: "You must feel proud for knowing so many things"

Luke:  “Oh, yes” (bragging)

Storyteller:" Luke and Gabriela walk and see another painting"

Luke: "Hello, can you hear me?" (He move his hand in front of the painting)

Gabriela: "We are friend s of the painting of the  Sun flowers" (She put her hands in her mouth like shouting and making fun)

(A soft voice starts to talk)

Painting: "Hello, I am "The Woman in Blue" can you tell me something about me?"

Gabriela and Luke:   “This cannot be happening to us, another painting able to talk?”

Gabriela: "About you? Well you belong to the expressionism time and your creator is Eduard Munch"

Luke: "So you are the sister of the Scream" (Laughing)

Painting: "Really?" (Excited)

Gabriela: "Yes, you are very old" (making fun)

Luke: "Yes as old as the  music we are hearing" (Irritated)

(During a few seconds all hear the music"

Painting: (Angry) "I like it, its soft and with rhyme"

Gabriela: "You are a master piece. In here…alone. Don't you and your friends feel alone?

Paintings: (sad) "Yes, a little bit"

Luke: "We will visit you and talk to you every sunday"

David: "Realy?" (excited)

Gabriela: "Yes, Promise!" (lifting the thumb)

The woman in Blue: "Thank you, but the problem is that  people criticize us and don't pay attention to us"

Luke: "Why?"

The woman in Blue: "Because the guides didn't know a lot about us and people think we are not important"

Gabriela: "But they have to know something, thats why they work here"

The woman in blue: "People don't know a lot about history of art and less of an art so old"

Luke: "We can talk with the owner"

David: "Yes thats a great idea!" (Excited)

Gabriela: "Let's go"

Storyteller: "Gabriela and Luke walk to a place where is an old man"

Luke: "Hello"

Man: "Hello kids, can I help you?"

Gabriela: "Yes, we want to work here like guides explaining the pieces of art"

Man: "You are very young  to know the history of art"

Luke: "We know a lot about that"

Gabriela: "Yes, and we know many artists"

Luke: "Yes, like Van Gogh, Cezanne, Gauguin…"

Gabriela: "Or Eduard Munch, Chagal, Matisse"

Luke: "And we know a lot of  important dates"

Man: "Well, I see you are very brilliant so you can work here"

Story teller: "And after that day Luke and Gabriela worked  in the museum explaining  the paintings of the modernism period"


Storyteller:  Nina:

In the meantime another story was happening in some other place inside the museum, be prepared to anything ………………………..could it be possible???????????

The Robbery


The cofee guy-Olmo


Freddy Cornelius-Jaime



(Peter,Freddy and Dave watch  some paintings)

Peter:wow!!!! These paintings are so wonderful!!

Freddy:yeah,and they are on sale.

(Peter,Dave,Freddy walk to ask for  information)

Dave:What´s the cost?

Receptionist:120,000 dollars each one.

Dave  Holly Christ ,they are so expensive!!!!!

Receptionist: They are are originals and one is made by Tristan T-zara the creator of Dadaism.

Dave: Thanks.

(The three walk and begin whispering)

Freddy:I have a plan, we must steal them!!!!

Dave:Good idea.  (convinced)

(Peter:nods his head not  being sure about it)

Freddy:yeah we can have them for free if we steal them.

Peter:ok we will stay in the bathrooms and when they close the doors for the museum we will be able to steal them.

Freddy: See it is a good idea

Dave:yeah it will be ours

(the day pass music for Impossible Mission)

Dave:the police is coming, lets hide in here!!!!  (scared)

(they go to the attic of the museum)

(the paintings come out)


Peter: Where did  you come out!!!! (astonished)

Coffee guy:,Why did you steal me??? (scolding)

Freddy:I didn't do anything.

Coffee guy:yeah... Of course

Peter: We were willing to have the painting but it was very expensive.

Coffee guy: I'll. Stay with you if you say me from what years am I and what movement.

Dave: You are from Dadaism


Peter: You are from 1916 to 1922.

Freddy :In that year Mexico was having its revolution.

Coffee Guy:   You have a lot of information but I can also tell you that you are Al Capone a very famous gangster.

Peter:  No he is Freddy and not Capone.

(receptionist opens the door of the attic)

Receptionist:  What´s happening here??? Oh the missing painting is here!!!!!!!!!!!

Dave:  Please help us, our friend Freddy is not Freddy he is Al Capone and…..(afraid)

 Freddy:  and what else, yes I am Capone, but I am not as bad as you think. 

Coffee Guy:  Finally, I heard what I was waiting for, now I can go back to the painting.

Freddy:  Just to celebrate my rehabilitation and before you go back to your painting, join us in a party where we will sing and dance,

Coffee Guy:  Ok, let’s go.

 Song Razzle Dazzle


Storyteller:  Paola

Our story continues in another section of the museum so get ready for another amazing story………what do you think will happen???  Is it something magic

The Magic of the Artist Brush

Characters : Pablo Picasso- Mauricio

                       Henri Matisse- Adrian

                       Emler Curio- Reynier

                       Wenseslao Wilson- Mauricio

                       Jasper Emett- Adrian

                       John Soap Mctavish- Fernando

                       Narrator- Reynier

Narrator: Long time ago  Pablo Picasso and Henri Matisse got together on 1906 in Paris,France.  They created  2 paintings with a magic brush. Now if you join the 2 paintings something extraordinary happens.

Narrator: Now Many years later in the Art Institute of Chicago, 3 boys arrive to investigare the paintings.

John: Look brothers  this is the  fauvism-cubism area.

Wilson: Great it so interesting.

Jasper: Sure  brothers the colors and forms are amazing.

Wilson: Imagine how exciting  would it be to be  inside one of those paintings.

John:   Especially  on one with music

Narrator:  They never imagined the adventure they were going to have

John: Did you know that  fauvism was a movement between 1905 and 1908 that was characterized by the use of very intense colors?

Jasper: Yes brother?????

Wilson:   Cubism was a movment between 1907 and 1914 and was characterizad by the paintings with little squares.

Jasper: Yes, brother mmmm, come here brothers this  is interesting.

Wilson: What's happening brother?

Jasper: Look at this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

John: It is impressive, the painting  has like little lines whick look like the decorations of the middle of a door .

Jasper: Maybe there is another painting like this one.

Wilson:  Quickly, we must found another painting like this.

John: This one isn't it

Wilson: Neither this one

Jasper: Let's look for another one

Narrator:  The 3 brothers watched  the painting all day and night and then they found something.

Wilson: Oh, I'm very tired let's come another day, I want to sleep!

Jasper: Here it is!

John:  How do we activate them?

Wilson: mmmm, maybe if we join them something will pass.

Narrator: the 3 brothers run to Orbes Hall to escape from guards.

Jasper: Wilson! What have you done!

Wilson:  I'm sorry, but we need that painting. And i don't think they will give it  to us.

John:  Close the door!

Wilson: Now we need to join them

Jasper,Wilson,John: oh, my god

John: I couldn't imagine that it's a door!

Wilson: Let's open it

John: It's locked, maybe a key will be useful.

Jasper: mmmmm and where it can be maybe someplace here  or on a wall, let's look for it.

Narrator: Our 3 protagonists began to look for it on the wall  and furniture.

John: Come help me, here is a brick with something inside.

Wilson: Do you know this paintings are “ the Guitar" by Picasso and “ the Interior of a Violin" by Henri matisse.

Jasper: Look here is  a black hole!

Narrator: the 3 boya were teletransported to a new picture world where they found somethings.

John: Where are we???????????????

Wilson: Is a very rare world!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jasper: Hey, what is that?

John: Who are you?

Wilson:  What are you doing?

Elmer Curio: I'm Elmer curio and I'm here to destroy the art.

Elmer Curio: All art causes a  revolution, it always changes and I don't want that. That's why I want to destroy it with this. The maximum power of art. This is the world of art.

Jasper: We will stop you villan!!!!

Elmer Curio: Never!!!!

Narrator: Elmer Curio escaped but the 3 brothers stopped  him  using  the Maximum Power of art they changed him  into a painting. Our 3 protagonist put the power in a safe place.


Storyteller:   Matías

Let’s continue with our awesome happenings inside the doors of a museum, a bunch of girls are right there, would you like to know what was their experience is so pay attention to their story……and have in mind to stay with your group.

The Mysterious Voices

Dana-Tania-Narrator 2

Nina-Alison-Narrator 3

Karla-Joy-Narrator 1


Narrator 1:Still in the Art museum in Chicago,  Tania  and a group of friends were surprised with It's magnificent paintings. (the girls are talking with excitement)

Tania:  I need to go to the restroom.

Narrator 1:Suddenly the concierge closes the door,when she tries to meet her friends again, she is stucked

Tania: Help Me Please I am stucked!!!!! (scared)

Narrator 1:When she finds an exit, she hears some voices

Alison:  Surrealism is the best!!!

Vanessa: NO! I think that Harlem Renaissance is better  because  it affects  jazz music, literature and painting.

Joy: hahahaha,better??? No no no, International Style magic  it has a  difference  in architectural  style and also it is Gothic.

Alison: But I have the best painter his name is "SALVADOR DALI" He painted the Great Masturbator, Saint Antoine and of course THE PERSISTENCE OF MEMORY.

Tania: What are you doing here? You were also stucked  in the toilet?

Joy: NO  we live here.   (questioning)

Tania: WHAT in the museum!!!!

Vanessa: Yes do you have a problem?

Tania: No but,when I was admiring the paintings I didn't see you here.

Alison: Because we are in the valuable masterpieces.

Tania: REALLY???

Vanessa: Well,we  have to go!

Narrator 2: Alison,Vanessa and Joy talk about Modernism.

(girls talking)

Vanessa: So I assure you Harlem Renaissance has a great variety.

Alison: hahahaha Harlem renaissance is not so selective.

Vanessa: Yes  in the early 20's, three key words showed  the new African American literary.

Alison: surrealism is fantasy cheerful and lyrical ludical also  and it continued its expansion  in spite of World War|| .

Tania: I know that the surrealism has one famous painting its name is  Persistence of  Memory

Tania: But in my opinion Harlem Renaisance is so interesting, please can you tell us something about that ?????

Vanessa: Harlem  Renaisance  was created in 1920 to 1940 ,by the Afro American community of Harlem

Joy: wait wait wait but  International Style is so inspiring!!!!!!!  One of the most famous painters Rober Rauchenberg  painted the Riding Bikes, that paint is so cool.

Tania: Wait I think that all the styles are so magic (song of magic), but can you please help me find the exit, my parents will scold me for not being on time for dinner!!!!!!!!

Alison: Oh yes of course, come with us.

Joy: Well I have seen that the concierge hides one key in one of the paintings

Vanessa:Ohhh yes!!!!! I think is  the painting of Jacob Lawrance with the name of The Migration of the Negro.

Narrator  1: They start to search in the painting after a while the find the key, but it was so old that it could break up very easily.

( Tania and Joy search in the painting)

Tania:(shout)OHH NOO THE KEY IS BROKEN!!!!!!

Joy: Oh we have to fix it or we will stay here forever!!!!!!!!

Vanessa: I was able to fix it, so let's hurry up.

Narrator 2: They opened the door and could go outside.

Alison:  UUUUUFFFF after this experience I would like to relax, let´’s sing and dance…………