Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Mensaje final

1-. Que fue lo que mas me gusto de este año.
Ir a cinema park y también las clases de cocína porque lo cocinábamos y lo comíamos.

2.- Lo que disfruté las clases de expresión corporal y jugar plasti porque era divertido y aprendíamos al realizar cosas.

3-. Yo creo que el próximo año será un poco difícil porque se me hace difíciles matemáticas y ahí las ponen más difícil 

Me a gustado este año con las misses y mis amigos jugando con ellos. 
Y me a gustado este año.


Thursday, July 3, 2014

Circulatory System

Thé circulatory system 
In unit 3 we saw the function of the Circulatory System 
The circulatory system components are :
Blood vessels 
And the most important the heart.

Also in unit 3 we saw communities the important points of communities: 
Are made up of people who live or work in the same place.
 Often , they learn to accept and respect one another.

Some of the Be speaker words  we saw : 
Clean up , convince , dispose of , honor, inspire, litter, ,motivate , mural, nursing home, participate, pollute , recycle, sidewalk, talents, volunteer.

In be literate : we saw different communities in our world. And we search some of them.
 Karen and Christian.

Units 1,2

Digestive system:

In science we saw the digestive system and the digestion system, we saw it's components and for what do you used it, after that, we made some i movies for explaining it for example: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a874DGVApHg
Earth's components:

We saw about the rain, the volcanoes and the earth and we made i movies.


We saw about the homophones (that sound the same but have different spellings and meanings),the contractions (that are a shorted  word), the compound words (that are formed when 2 complete words are combined), and verbs (that are words that show actions, feelings or states of being).

Persuasive essay and roots:

In here, we saw about how to write a persuasive essay and it's components and the roots of a word, for example geo= earth that is a greek word and an example of how to use it is geography.

Roman empire and social groups:

In here we learned about the social groups and the communities for example what is a society and also about the roman empire, for example about the emperor and what places were part of the roman empire.

Emi and Tere



In our school we learned too many things that help us in our lifes ,
For example : In the 2nd of November we celebrate verry good and we put our photos of parents that has died in the table with the skeletons and candies .
And learnt about how to celebreate christmas , in christmas we made a tree and a festival that we hit the piñata for candies , toys , etc .
We learned about math , spanish and more , we had good times and it was fun when the teachers made activities with us . Next we learned about the human body and we know that one person has many organs in the body and veins and heart , and more .
We celebrated Halloween and it was very funny because we worked together to have the best scary house and it was funny . Finally we went to six flags with all the seventh graders and we played in many games for example : kilahuea , splash , batman , medusa and more games .

It has been a great year!
Mariano Zamudio

Our last year

                                   Our Last Story
Our story begins with our first 2 months August-September, we thought we were having a new classmate, but he didn't come.We met new teachers . They teach us really well .In this year we review all the things we have seen in other years like addition of fractions and subtractions . ( our teachers this year were Mrs. Martha and Mrs. Armando )  

In September we  celebrated   the  Independence Day , in that day we made a play about the shout of the Independence, Tony was the president and we were the audience. We learn how to be proud of our country, also we learn that we need to respect people and our own traditions. The kids of pre-school danced a traditional Mexican dance.  

In October we began 2 new projects with Miss Martha one was Out of my Mind ( a book we read) it was about a girl called Melody , she had cerebral palsy, but she was very smart! We learned the importance about respect and equality. Also we had a Facebook page and we shared our opinion and our feelings with our sister school in Canada. We learned the importance of respect and the true love.  This are some examples of the the assignments we had.https://www.facebook.com/groups/261055384019179/permalink/275159485942102/ https://www.facebook.com/groups/261055384019179/permalink/268805189910865/

The other project that was the Haunted House , we were really exited about it . First we made teams and we choose the theme then we worked in the story and we had the  idea of the characters, then we made a description of the setting we needed, then we choose our wardrobe for the haunted house.
And then on 31st of October we made our Haunted House alone. But Miss Martha and Mr. Armando help us. We learned how to be organized , how to work In  team , and have compromise.

In November we made a lot of thankful thoughts for Thanksgiving Day about our families , traditions and   the people we love , also in November we danced in Mexican Revolution Day  to celebrate and show Mexican traditions in that day .

In December we prepared our Christmas Festival and many gifts and surprise, in cooking class we made walnut balls for Christmas Day ( a gift for our parents . 
Also we sang a song for Christmas festival we rehearse a lot 

Ecosystems and the Universe

In January and February we covered  some themes like: 
Ecosystems, we saw ecosystems in unit 3, it was one of our favorite themes. It was a really interesting theme, we learnt that all kinds of animals live in different kinds of ecosystems or we may say biomes. For example: 
The desert biome
The tundra biome

Also we saw Be speaker words from unit 3 and unit 4 like:
 precipitation etc.
 we learned new words and some words we already knew them. 

Then we saw where in the universe is planet earth. Planet earth is the third planet from the sun, and it's the only planet in our solar system that has life. Most of earth's surface is covered by water. Earth has one natural satellite that moves around it, the moon. We learn so many things about the universe we didn't know.
Mica & Rodrigo  

Our school year

Our story story continued in November when we made a dance for our celebration of the revolution and continued with the " out of my mind" project, we explained each chapter we read and we made drawings about Melody, her parents, or her pets.

After November, December arrived and we made a dance for celebrating christmas, we danced a Miranda Cosgrove's song and celebrated a lot, we made a posada and we became Santa's helpers.

Emi and Tere

Our story continues in Thanksgiving and Christmas

On November is Thanksgiving day, so we made a picnic, everybody brought different kind of food and we shared it, we learned that we are really lucky for all the things that we have. We had an awesome and friendly day. Also we had the day of the Mexican revolution!!!!!! Each grade of primary danced a a Mexican dance to remember our Mexican revolutionaries ancestors!!!!! It was an incredible day!!! 
We had our Christmas  festival, we practiced our dances and songs.  We enjoyed every moment and finally we did the presentation of  our dances to our parents, we had like in all our school kinds of stores who they sold food, toys, drinks and more things, it was such a fun day!  On Christmas  day we could imagine everybody received presents and had an awesome evening. 
 Rodrigo & Mica

Our school year

Our story began when we entered to school on August 21st when we entered to 7th grade and our adventure began, although we had only 1 week of August. That week was for meeting our teachers, know how they work and to get used to our new classroom.

After that, September started as the preparations for the celebration of Mexico's independence and our poem contest. 
It first started with the poem, we started to work hard for winning but sadly, we lost.
After our contest, the independence celebration was here, Tony gave the shout of independence, we ate tostadas, the other grades made poems, stories and sixth and seventh graders that learned the poem, started telling it. That was a very interesting day.

Then, October appeared and so as our haunted house, it was very hard but we enjoyed every part of that house and the creation of it. We made 2 ghost families with 2 different stories. We created new forms to scare each grade depending on the ages of the ones visiting our haunted house.
Also, we started reading the book " out of my mind" that was a very interesting book about a girl of 11 years old called Melody that had a problem but she was very intelligent and we read her story, it made us notice that you shouldn't judge people just because of how she looks. We made drawings and movies about what we read so we could share our opinions about the book and show the people what's the story about.

Tere, Emi and Kevin

Our school year

Our School Year
Our story begins on 20th of August, we started 7th grade, we already knew miss Martha but we met Professor Armando they are both a team, they had shown us lots of things.
We remember our first day as seventh graders... How to forget it, it was an awesome day, in Spanish class we met our new professor and we started knowing each other, and with miss Martha we started talking of our vacations.
On the first month we learned some new words and some grammatical rules. 
On september is the Independence Day, so we celebrated it with a big party and most of us wore typical dresses, Tony gave the shout of independence  in our school, he made the shout wonderful. The Independence day is a really important day for us, in school we celebrate it with tostadas ( a Mexican plate) music, costumes and the kids of pre-school dance a Mexican dance for all the school.
On october we made our haunted house, It was an amazing experience, It was too hard to plan it and make it real, but we made it. We had 2 different teams with different stories. When we finished doing it, all the school enjoyed our haunted house.   Everyone had fun and got scared. We learned how to work as a team and we also participated with our teachers and classmates from other groups.
But we had also an amazing project with Canadian kids, we were reading a book called out of my mind it was about a girl with cerebral palsy, we skyped with the Canadian kids to talk about the book. We learned lots of values and that we have to respect everyone even if they have any disease. It was a really interesting book, we still remember when we were going to read the book, everyone was really excited. We had a group on Facebook and on the blog, everyday we commented  there about each chapter of the book and what was the part we most liked about that chapter.   Also we made I movies. It was an incredible book! We loved it!!!!!!!!