Thursday, November 17, 2011


Our activities today were focused on learning through a different way. The workshop’s name Tlaoli comes from the mayans. We loved to play lottery and we learned different words in maya like “citlali” which means star or “calli” which means house. Also we played a memory game and through it we were aware of the variety of games played by our ancestors. Really amazing was to do our own toy,some really beautiful wooden butterflies with a variety of colors, we had a great time and were able to understand more of the importance of our culture. Our artisans are splendid artists very creative and sometimes we don’t appreciate the value of the “artesanias” that we have with such a variety of colors and forms


  1. I liked to play the outside game and also i liked to do my balloon, it was a balloon made with chinese paper.i also liked to player memoria and lotería .
    And the last thing that i do was a toy of a buterfly,but i would liked to do the little horse instead of the buterfly .

    It was an AWESOME day.

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  3. We play outside and do a balllon with fire and do a beautiful butterfly also we leas some words in nahuatl we play memory game and lotería. We have a lot offun playing and doing some handcrafts.


  4. We liked it, the coolest part was the cantoya balloons. (Alex).
    I didn't come but i know that I would enjoy the balloons (Fernando).
    Fernando and Alex.

  5. I learn about that the wooden toys are ver y interesting and in our days we don't value the work of the artisanes

    I lear how to do toys and some words in nonahuatl. I olso learned how to do a balloon.

    Miranda and Paola

  6. It was very interisting because we learn many things, we learn how To do ballons and we play a Game. It was very funny that day. We also see how the ballones fly.

    Jireh y Mauricio

  7. We learned to made paper balloon that fly by putting fire in an specific place, and we also made toys as a butterfly that moves with threads and also we painted it, we played lottery and memory and also a game that it is like the game of the airplane.
    KARLA and DANA