Friday, June 22, 2012

Visit to the MIDE

Mide a very astonishing museum. It is the only interactive museum in the world. All students were willing to visit it after all the researches done during the week.


  1. To conclude our research about economy we visited the MIDE we learned many things like to give the figure to a coin you must wedge the coin on a machine we saw.Also we learned that approximately a bill has 2 years of life.
    Also if a printed bill has any little mistake it doesn't count as a real bill.Also we made our own bill , it was very cool,Jaime did it with the face of the JAJAJA guy.We also saw all the ancient coins and bills of the colony and the first coin that was trade,it was a cacao seed.We think this would be useful on our life because we would know more about the actual economy in all the world and how to increase it.

    Mauricio,Fernando and Jaime

  2. To conclude our reserach  about  economy visited the MIDE, we learned that the first money we used in Mexico was the cacao seed and we saw all the different bills and coins we have had through history, we also made our own bill .At the end we went to the third floor, there was an exhibition of sustainability. There we saw the problems that some factories are causing to the ocean and that affect the fish and they die, so people can't fish.

    We learn to save money and to create a plan to administrate it. Also we learn about how the mathematics have helped people to understand economy. We saw that the economy of one country affect the health of people, what they eat and their hope of life.

    Paola, Jireh, Adrian.

  3. To conclude our research about economy we visited the MIDE and it was very cool, we learned how our decsion affect, also that behind the things we have, a lot of people works in it like chocolate, clocks, cars, etc. Also economy in the world, and what happens if the bills time ends (it is titurated).
    At the beginning we thought that it will be boring but then we learnt that we must take care of the economy.
    Reynier and Matias

  4. To conclude our research about economy we visited the MIDE and we learned many things like the diferents types of money, we saw how to do a bill, how to save money to buy something, make decision, and we also made a map of how to  save money  and we also knew that we can save not only  money  we also can save the water,electricity,oil,etc 

    And in dark room were old coins and the first coin of Mexico was a cocoa seed and it was wonderful,  we also saw many different old bills of $5, $2, $10 and many types of different money and we learned that the old coins were of gold.

    We learned how to save money to buy many things and don't spend all that we have, and that information we can use it in a future to have a better life.

    Dana,Karla and Olmo

  5. To conclude our research about the economy we visited the MIDE that was a very interesting museum because you could learn about economy playing, watching videos, and visiting the different room. The MIDE is the only interactive museum of economy in all the world. We learnt to make decisions and about the economy in some parts of the world represented with graphic bars. Mide was a convent run by nuns in 1763.
    We learned about the economy in Mexico and other countries, some coins that Mexico used in the past.
    Alex, Nina and Miranda