Monday, August 27, 2012

Everday a Different Story can be Created


  1.                                                     My story
                                              My new classroom
    My story begins....... One Day I woke up happy because I'm going to my new school, my other school was so bad! My mom told me to be careful in my new school and I told her that everything it's going to be fine.
    Finally I arrived to school I was so nervous because my new friends ignore me, I was so sad but they told me That That was a probe but they are not going to ignore me.
    The second Day of school was so embarrasing because in the hallway I step on a bubblegum and everyone saw me I was so embarrased and a very conceited girl told me That an obnoxious boy it's going to tell jokes about my felt, but I don't care if I have friends and good grades it doesn't matter

    THE END.

  2. The ignored girl

    My story begins in a school at the first day of class. There was a new student called Carly. She was very nervous that day so she started walking slowly by the hallway. When she slipped and fall, everyone was laughing at her. She stand up very embarrassed and ran to the classroom, at the end of the class everybody ignored her. She went to her home crying and feeling terrible because there was a conceited girl at school that told everyone to ignore her.
    Then, 2 months later she felt terrible because she has no friends and her grades were not good at all. She told her father who was her confident that everything at school was wrong, so he went and explain the teacher that her daughter was sad because all of this. The teacher talked with all her classmates to respect her and don't be mean. At the end everything was good and all the class were friends.

    Mauricio, Daniel, Jose Maria and Ximena

  3. Back 2 School!!!

    It all started when then the vacations ended...
    (we got the beat enters)
    The first week almost all the students made new friends, almost everyone... But me.
    I enter to the classroom, and all my classmates ignore me. I seat beside someone called Jennifer and she and her friend stand up and disappear into the hallway.
    Then a girl that seems unpopular enters to the classroom and everyone makes like she smells too bad.
    In class, the teacher gives the classmates a project to do as a welcome to younger students. She makes teams and I feel embarassed when no one chooses me, but the girl that just came in is as alone as me. So I choose her.
    The project consists in make a model of the classroom to put it in the central table of the main hall.
    The name of the girl is emma and we suddenly get to be confident friends. We are nervous of the homework, we want to get a good grade.
    Conceited guys are obnoxious, so emma and me have to go to the girls bathroom to talk, there I recognize a girl that was in my old school, I hope she does'nt recognize me...

    Enviado por Team Jade

  4. I think this stories are all about the beginning of school and all stroies about an ignored girl but the story is very different, I like all this stories


  5. I like all the stories because I get connected with every single one, I connect with when I entered to this school to fifth grade and everyone ignored and annoyed me, and I didn´t have friends, but now I have some friends and I´m happy :D IM GONNA MISS U JVS!! (and enjoy my last year here) :-)

    Luz. (my user is just a wierd name)

  6. I like all the stories. They are about the same first day of school but they are different in other ways. All the teams were very creative and had wonderful ideas for their stories. I enjoy reading them.