Thursday, September 6, 2012


IT ALL STARTS WITH IDEAS! What has happened in your life or to someone you know that would make a great story? A fictional narrative is a story that you made up, an untrue story in which whatever you want to happen can happen. Read the stories and share your comments.


  1. Mexican independence.
    There was a religious man called Miguel hidalgo that was tired of the Spanish government and the unfair that gave to the people some start a organization with a lot of colonies to make a plan and start the independence they also make deals with soldiers and there were located in many parts of Mexico one of his best soldiers was Ignacio Allende but he was trade captured and
    killed his head was exhibited in alhondiga las granaditas and his body put in the Capitol Miguel hidalgo was preparing the attack to the kingdom there were 1200 men ready to fight so Miguel hidalgo gave the shout of independence and he say "today we will defeat,today we will fight against the unfair,today we are free,today is the independence day" and the battle start all the Spanish were defeated after a furious battle but the king scaped and he
    Say"I will return"and they celebrate their freedom with a enormous party.
    Everyone were happy and the king sink.

    Characters:Miguel hidalgo,Ignacio Allende,the king.
    Setting:all Mexico.
    Plot:they start a battle for their freedom.

  2.                               Mexican independence
                               By julio  and mauricio

    Hello i'am Juan  Galeana i have two brothers .  And we participate in the independece, leaders important to be very influential, very popular, land and knowledge.It takes place in guanaguato,Father Hidalgo gave us the importance of freedom and that we fought for it.The war was imminent with Father Hidalgo went to fight my brothers and I split . I fight with Allende and we won guanaguato, Veracruz, and sound were more deaths than expected but the father hidalgo recanted seen so much blood and no longer wanted to continue would win more statesbut disagreed morelos so separated .Morelos was captured and shot him after Father Hidalgo will play the same fate. Many continued to independence but I did not wantbecause I wanted to see my family, but I discovered that my little brother died . 



  3. Mexican IndependenceBy Ximena & Hector It was monday in the morning, Samantha walk up very early becauce she was very exited abaut whatthey would do in class that day.Thay will have literature class and they wiil go to the librari to choose a book about mexican independence. She went to school very happy. Her first class was art which was a very entertaining and nice. Then it was recess time which went by very fast and finally it was, literature class was now! Samantha ran to her classroom and wait for her teacher and classmates. When they were all ready they went to the library. Samantha was very excited and she choose a book that was very interesting. At the end of the day she went to her house and immediately ran to her room and start reading. Since she read the first page she felt like she was there, she started feeling tired after 2 hours of reading and suddenly felt asleep. She was sleeping when she started dreaming about the days of the Mexican Independece. She felt like she was there. She dreamed she was a girl of that time and that she was living everything. It all started when the local priest, Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla rang the bells of the church and told everyone that the conspiration was discovered and that they need to start the war. The mexican people start combating against the spanish people. There was a lot of people death even Hidalgo and his remaining soldiers were captured in the state of Coahuila at the Wells of Baján. They faced court trial of the Inquisition on 30 July 1811, and were executed. Hidalgo's body was mutilated, and his and Allende's heads were displayed in Guanajuato as a warning to Mexican rebels.It took 11 years but at the end they won it. The next day Samantha was very happy because she learned more about Mexican Independece. She told her teacher about her dream, the teacher listen to her carefully and asked her to make a story about it. The end

  4. Mexican Independence
    By Leo and Angel

    One day David go to the school and when he went to his house, Spanish men attack his family and David go to the church with the father Hidalgo and the fathernshout the cry of Independence. And then the Spanish men attack but Mexicans were top in this battle an de Mexicans win the independence.

    The Mexican Independece rough 11 years.

  5. Mexican indepence

    Once upon a time ... There was one boy named Diego Pérez, he was a very Brave Guy, he was so inteligente too all his life he had the dream to save his Mexico of spanish zombies invasión .Once he did an speech about all his dreams... Like save the world..every body Laughs about is except one girl named Ivana Lopez... She had the same dream She was brave, pretty, intelligent and a very good girl... After Diego's speech she talk with him about his speech she told her that her father was a very good man but he died in a war ... So Diego think he was a hero!! She smile... Many years ago after that they grow up... And they meet again in a secret date because Mexico was a slave of al the Spanish zombies! So they had a plan of destroying all of them and save Mexico liberty... They join a lot of "indigenes" and they told them that they had a plan to destroy "Spanish zombies" INVATION!!.....

    Will be continued....

    By chema and sofí