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Grammatical strucures were used:
Have to
I have to go to school because I have to study.
I have to clean my bedroom because is mine and I have to help cleanning something in my house.
I can go traveling to other country alone, because I have 12 years old.
... I can play in the park, becasue i have liberty to do many things.
I can't drive a car, because I don't have a licence.
I can´t work because I don't have experience of work.
In my house I can play video games when I have finish my homework, I can't play with the ball inside the house, I have to pick up my toys, I have to wash the dishes, I can't fight with my cousin and I can see the TV.
Stories Written using grammatical structures and words:
When I went to Canada last year We went to a kind of "Quest" to a Big bridge Named "Capilano suspension Bridge" It was an AMAZING field trip, Cause it was a Big & High bridge where if you move a lot & you you fall down you plummet right to the ground, So you had to be really careful, You don´t have be running all over the place cause' it was REALLY wet & you could fell over the ground.
When we cro...ssed the bridge at the other side there was like a big Labyrinth with stairs & someother stuff , & the persons that help us to cross where like " And what do you think you have to do now?" And we were all like .... Hmmm " I don't know" But I was a bit decentralized cause' I was so wet & Ive got the urge to have another Jacket, but anyway I kept on the way.... There was an activity for us to do where we have to follow a map, It was a bit complex but fun... Anyway That was a Trip I will never forget! :)
When I went to Valle de Bravo there were some rules we had to follow. When we were on the big lake, I asked myself... If we were paragliding people, Did we had to use some special clothing? Is that the fashion of paragliding? And Miss Martha told me that yes we have to use special clothes because if we don't use them we can have a plummet fall.
On the T.V of the hotel, you don't have to change the channel where it is because it is funny to see that programs. I was impatient to see to see another program of the same.
One day my sister and I went to a beautiful place, we saw a castle beside a small village, my sister saw 10 pegasus and I saw some hipogryffs. the night came and we fell asleep in a little pub on the village, two hours later we heard some barks that woke us up, we realized that they were approaching and we decided to run before getting killed, the creatures didn't reach us.
The next day, we visite...d the castle and we saw that it was a school. The principal, a tall woman with grey hair, welcomed us to the castle and showed us all the classes, then we started studying magic there.
There was an arena with screens all around it that showed all the in video, the arena looked like an extension of the place, it was really gigantic. We saw people killing each other cold-bloodily, the beautiful plants killed them too.
There was a part of the forest that was completely frozen, home of ice and winter creatures, but the diadem was nowhere to be found, we digged and digged until we reached the diadem and then we destroyed it, we returned to the castle and fell asleep.
Then we woke up, we realized it was all just a dream, but we remembered: The fact that something happens in your imagination doesn't mean it is not real.
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Narnia and the wizard nephew
If I could go o a quest, I would go to Narnia to find the secret power of my uncle, during my quest to Narnia I would find a big centurium & some others minotaurs that will become my friends, they are also going to help me in my quest to find the secret power of my uncle among with my siblings Danny,Daniel & Anna.
When we get there we would have lots of adventures together 'cause there is a story about an enormous elf that is a villian who wants to destroy Narnia, & everyone says that he have the key to open the secret of our uncle, & before we try to discover the secret we first have to kill hom! but Im sure that together we will do it!
I compare the advice thath Daedalus give to Icarus that when he fly dont get closer to the sea because if he fall,he can`t fly again.The advice thath my mom give me that i have to follow instructions and dont ignore she
  • I compare the advice of Daedalus to his son that during he fly don't get near the sun, because when I went to a sea my mom said me that I don't have to go to the deap part because the sea can took me far away and I can die.
  • I compare the advice that Daedalus give to Icarus that when he fly don,t get closer to the sun because the feathers will fall with the advice that my parents give me that don't do things that can hurt me. They are similar because if you don't do it you can hurt or die.


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