Monday, May 19, 2014

Fantasy or Reality

Students have been working on creating stories using grammatical structures and words creating stories to reaffirm their knowledge.  Some were worked in IMovies, Padlet, posted in FB, and published in You Tube and shared in Twitter. 

We share some of their stories and links:

Story using words introduced in the week

Once upon a time, a girl called Juliette was very FRET because she was going on a trip to Canada, it was her first time traveling alone. She thought that in Canada she was going to have fun and then a big DECEPTION arrived to her heart because she was having classes there, she tried to have fun even if she was studying. With that QUEST, she arrived to the airplane and while she was FASTENING her belt, she met Romeo, a guy of his school. After a few days, they became girlfriend and boyfriend and when they were returning in the airplane, it failed and the airplane PLUMMETED and Romeo and Juliette were the only ones who survived. They went to their home and CONFINED them selves because of the trauma they had and never saw again.

Tere and Nadua
Subject and Object Pronouns
Summary of Daedalus and Icarus in Padlet
Words for this week:
More stories using words introduced this week:
Once upon a time a family went to the zoo and they saw a lot of animals that were captive so they went out of the zoo and they bought a chest to set free the animals with some things they carried in the chest , the family liked some com...edy animals who tried to make them smile.
They saw a lot of decorations in the cages of the animals , the guards in front of the cages were using a big metal helmet the family laughed at them.
The father of the family said that there was a monkey of his homeland ( Brazil )
he made a joke about the world, he told it was invisible for monkeys, the daughters thought monkeys were like monsters, but it was only a myth
The mom satire the daughters by pushing them in the cage of the pigs.
Suddenly they saw a scene of a wizard controling the pigs and they were twerking, the wizard took out shield to avoid them , the theater was really small like a classroom , suddenly they saw all the animals dancing were the wizard was , it was a tragedy for him some animals winged in the swings.

After all this a girl wake up , it was all a dream. 😛
Authors:  Nadua and Karen
Once upon a time, there was a winged monster that was scarying the people of the little Island called Shoe, that monster had the ability of turning invisible and of throwing fire. Every person that saw the monster, would suffer avery painful tragedy and the only way you could brake it, was taking its treasure chest and killing him.

The news arrived to everywhere... and suddenly, a lot of knights were arriving to Island Shoe to kill the monster, but all of them were killed by it.
One day, some knights were talking in a bar about the monster of Island Shoe and suddenly, one of the bravest and most powerful knights of them called Christino, asked- It's a myth, right?-but everyone told him it was all real so he shouted - ¡That is my homeland! I'll go to Island Shoe to save them.- his friend called Gabriel told him - I will help you in your little quest- and then, they went to Island Shoe.

When both arrived, there was a comedy scene in the local theater, but suddenly, the monster appeard and scared everyone. The 2 knights, put on their helmets and took their swords and shields that had a decoration of the Spanish flag and fought against the monster for a lot of time and finally, they took their chest and killed him.

Every person of the Island thanked them and everyone lived happy.
The End

Tere and Mariano
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