Friday, March 27, 2015

Anthem Story. Mexico and Canadá

                                        "The Dreamt  Anthem"

Once upon a time there were two countries who were trying to decide how would it be their national anthem. Those countries were Mexico and Canada. They thought that it would be an amazing national symbol to have an anthem. Both were working together to create 1 different hymn for each country, but they could do just one hymn, they didn't decide who will take it. They tried everything to agree but it didn't work . Time after,  Mexico used that anthem for their Flag's day. Canada got mad so they attacked Mexico and a terrible fight began. 

Time after, during the war, a Mexican girl noticed what was happening between this two countries so she decided to go to Canada to find a solution for the problem. When she arrived, she saw a girl fighting with a politician at the airport so she interposed to see what was happening there. 

-What's happening here?- She asked.
-Canada and Mexico are in war and nobody do anything!-The girl said.
-We can't! The war would not stop until we decide which country would conserve the anthem.-The politician repeated.
-Come on! We should do something now!- The Mexican girl said.
-Go away girls! There's anything you can do to solve this!-The politician said while he left.

The two girls were alone and both were so angry.

-I can't believe it.- Said the girl.
-I know it's terrible! 
-And... How do you know about the war?-she asked.
-I'm from Mexico, I came here because I want this war to stop and I'm looking for something I can do about it. -Answered the girl.
-That's nice, I would like to do some thing too. May I join you?-Asked the girl.
-Of course you may! I can't fight alone!- Said the Mexican with happiness.
-What's your name?-Asked the girl.
-I'm Maya.- she answered. 
-I'm Shannon.-Said the girl.

Both girls talked and talked about this war. They really wanted to help. can two young girls can stop a war? 

-Okay I have an idea.- Maya said.- There's only one 1 anthem, and there are 2 countries fighting for it, right?- She asked.
-Right...- answered Shannon.
-So what if there were 2 hymns?- Asked Maya.
-Well, the war will end because there's and anthem for each country.-answered Shannon.-You are a GENOUS!.
-Well, I am! So, what do you say? Do we create a new anthem?-asked Maya.
-OMG! This is amazing, finally we find a way to solve this problem.

At the beginning it wasn't easy for the girls to wrote an original national anthem, but they worked very hard until they could. Finally after long nights and terrible days, they did it! They wrote an amazing and beautiful anthem! Immediately they went with the government and told them what they achieved. The government was amazed with the work of two young girls. Finally they stayed with their own national anthem. 

Because of this two girls, the fight finished, and both countries could stay pacific and comfortable with their anthem. 

By Daniela Cabrera and Karla Buenrostro 

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