Friday, February 19, 2016

A day with Ricardo Pelaez

Ricardo Peláez 

Ricardo Peleaz, illustrator and expert in art, came to our school this morning to talk with us about his awesome job.

He has illustrated many books, one of them called "Almohadon de Plumas". This book is about a couple that were not very happy at all with their lifes, but the wife every night had bad dreams, but anyone knew why, until one day that she appeared dead in her bed so his husband took the pillow and he noticed that there was an enormous insect in it! So he took a sword and destroy the pillow.

Ricardo Pelaez works for editorials, but he has the privilege to make his drawings and illustrations in his house, so he can wake up a little more late, stay in pijama and also enjoy by having a flexible routine. He has an incredible facility to illustrate the most difficult thing. He uses different technics and materials, sometimes he only uses pencil and other times he uses acrylic colors, it depends on want he is making.

I think he will become a more famous illustrator one day.


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