Friday, February 10, 2017


The Christianity is a religion that was born around 2100 B.C. And it is based on actually that, the teachings, ways to act and rules that God, or Jesus. 

The religion was know in the edge of the Roman Empire, the edge when Jesus was born and the edge when he made a lot of miracles, and all the religion turns around Jesus or God.

It's principal "church" is called the Vatican, it is localized in Rome, Italy, but the religion is practiced all around the world,some of the countries that are Christianity is Costa Rica,Argentina,England etc.

The religion has some holy days as Christmas, Easter,etc, which are related with restrictions of food as:
-Those that chew cud or have a split hoof but not both (like camels, rabbits, pigs)
- Sea creatures that do not have fins and scales (like crustaceans)
- Birds that eat flesh or carrion (like crows, raptors, sea gulls)
- Most winged insects except those that swarm and jump.

The Christianity has 2.2 billion of believers and it is the religion with most followers all around the world in all the history of humanity, some of the other famous religion are the Islam with almost 2 billions exactly 1.6 billions.

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