Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Totem Story

A long time ago on ancient Canada there were many gods in fight with each other for the supreme power of all the gods. Every god had it's own crew of fighters and allies for winning the fight.
But there were several tribes unite that were called "The First Nation of The Pacific", they were against all the conflict that the gods made and in several times they tried to stop it, but they always failed.
On the other side there were 5 gods competing for the power; one was "Floosh", the god of darkness and relax, then "Canary", The goddess of restlessness with her canary cry  , then "Rose", The goddess of of nature, soil and plants, then "Zod", The god of power and strenght, and "Miss Harl", the goddess of fun love and friends, but something changed in her that wanted more power.

One day everything was calmed and normal, when suddenly...... 5 big explosions occured in the mountains, and the fight started. They were fighting very hard and they've damage their lands. Suddenly the ground started to shake and to open in big parts, everyone was in danger and the crew of fighters started to fall. When the gods were at the risk of death and when everything was almost lost "The First Nation of The Pacific" arrived and saved them.

After that the gods thanked them and relized they did not needed the supreme power and the damage they made to their lands and worked together to repair the damage. The "First Nation of The Pacific" made a totem in their honor because they recognized it is better as a group for sharing than alone.

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