Monday, September 24, 2012

En Earthquake Can Happen in Different Places, Different Stories Take Place



    Our story began in 1985,it was a good day but a tremor announced an earthquake.It began when everyone was working and began to move around the books and the buildings fell down trembling,everyone started shouting and people had an evacuation. Then a surge of wind damage more buildings, bacause the wind lifted cars, things, rocks, earth and then the reservoir of fertile were destroy by the flood. The earthquake provoked the volcano eruption and expeled toxic waste washed with lava. Its name was Popocatepetl Volcano but many persons did not know that was active,beacause is dormant.

    The Mount Vesuvius was similar bacause the volcano provoked earthquake and exeled more lava.

    THE END.

  2. Different Ways

    Our story begins in Pompeii...

    My name is Buri, I will tell you strange things that happened in my hometown, Pomepii. It all started on February 6, 62 CE. I was walking by the street, looking for something to trade when I heard a weird sound. Suddenly, a big earthquake started! Everyone was scared because our reservoir broke and there was a flood.

    Mexico City, 09/19/85

    My name is Patricio. I am 10 years old and I want to tell you my story. It´s a very sad story, it all began in my school. It was about 7:22 in the morning when an earthquake started. It was very intense! I just thought about Paola and ran to her classroom. She was crying so I promised her that I will protect her.
    We ran downstairs but I falled. All I remember was that the building falled down, then I died.

    Pompeii year 79

    Things here had changed a lot. I´m here from what is left from my house. A few days ago Mount Vesuvius erupted. I wish I had payed attention to all the warnings. I just wanted to go back in time and evacuate from my house. Now, the lava is burning me, I´m sofocating by the gases and I´m getting buried by the ashes. I´m just here waiting for this slowly dead to finish.

    Hector and Ximena

  3. The earthquake of 1985
    Our story begins in a day like another.
    When a boy called Erick who found an alien in the forest the boy Erick asleep of his dormant.The alien set that he escaped to save the live of all the humans but please at the end I want to visit my brother of the other dimension called E.T. Erick said how do we save the world,T.E. said we have to stop the volcano it is going to provoke eruptions,lava,ash, and earthquakes.Do you fell that,Erick said "yes" T.E. said "this is one of the tremoures that are going to happen before the volcano erupt,also a flood began so they escaped.All the fertile land was destroyed and go to the reservoir, T.E. said,
    "I have a seed that stops the volcano it will prevent the eruption."before the lava surged,Erick said "can I touch the seed",T.E. said no, it is made of a fragile mineral if you throw it it will be broken then in the city a toxic cloud rise and cover all the city,the policemen started the evacuation,then Erick put the seed into the biggest tree and didn't worked,then,the portal started opening and the alien tribe of T.E. appeared and they make a trading,the tribe said that isn't the real seed this is the real seed.The trade was we will give you the seed if you come back.T.E. accepted and the tribe planted the seed.Erick said good bye to T.E. and T.E. leave.Erick and T.E. saved the world.


    Our story begins in Mexico city when I was walking to school, I was a little bit sick so I had a headache & the earth started to shake, I was thinking it was my mind, but my mom pushed me to the wall, so I told her "What is happening?", my mom told me "It is just a tremor, don't worry". Later we noticed it was a big earthquake... My mom was very scared as me! So my mom talked quickly to my dad, that was in a preserve, he didn't answer the phone so my mom was very worried, then she took my hand & we ran to our home. When we arrived home I ran to my room and I took my time machine & in the timer I put "February, 6, 62 CE", on Italy, Pompeii. When I arrived there, it was worst!! There was a lot of tremors & lots of earthquakes!! & also a big flood! So I thought it was the end of my life.
    Then I tried to go to other place with my time machine but it was destroyed, so I tried to run to a safe place and I thought I was safe & sound but I was incorrect the earthquakes were so strong so the buildings started to fall down, I tried to hide myself in a little cave, also trying to repair my time machine & 3 days later I return home because 2 aliens helped me to repair it.
    When I returned home I was thinking about how was Pompeii & it was AWESOME! Too awesome so I want to return to Pompeii!!
    17 years later….
    I was 29 years old so I went to Pompeii to live, really awesome! But the same tremors came again, then at 5 pm another big earthquake came, I was really scared because I can´t evacuate, I don’t know where was my time machine, I thought a big ball of trash surges and eat my time machine! Well really I don’t knew where it was. Then at 1am a big volcano called Mount Vesuvius Do you know about it? (It was a dormant volcano) but not anymore this enormous volcano started to erupt lava it was like a nightmare…
    My name was Carola Winderggotti & at the end of my life I just saw some of burned bodies and some lava coming at me.

    1. I feel conected with Daniie and Sophy story because one day, when I was watching TV an earthquake started and I thought it was my cat (rayiitass) jumping onto my bed, I turned around and did´nt see it, so called me crazy girl and continued watching TV, then, I felt it again and turned around and... NO RAYIITASS!! so I felt scared and then my mom said "an earthquake is happening!" and I was like, Oh, My God, this can´t be happening, my life is a living HECK, and I ran and stood in front of the fridge, I was totally FRIGHTENED and I wanted to FLY out of the building, the earthquake stopped and when I was back into my room, I changed the channel inti "foro tv" and It was reporting a 6.8 EARTHQUAKE and I felt more scared than before, but also Safe and thanked to god that nothing happened.

  5. Story 1
    I felt connected with THE EARTHQUAKE IN MEXICO because one day when I was in my house drawing it was an earthquake and my book fall down and move around.
    Story 2
    I felt connected with DIFFERENT WAYS because I see in the TV that In other country there was a flood provocated by an earthquake.
    Story 3
    I felt connected with THE EARTHQUAKE OF 1985 because I see the movie of E.T. and is similar to this story.
    Story 4
    I felt connected with THE WORST DAYS OF MY LIFE because one day I was in the school walking to my classroom when an earthquake began.

  6. Daniel.
    I felt coonected with the story of danii & sophii because when i was watching t.v an earthquake started i feel scared because it was 7:50 and all the lights turn off and i was going downstairs so i fall and i get out of the house also my mom and uncle many glasses and mirrors broke a few seconds later the earthquake stop and we peek up all the things i feel scared because we didn't know and we were not prepared.


    My Name is Zury, I live in Mexico City, and I was 7 when the earthquake of 1985 shook Mexico.
    It all started like a normal day, I was preparing for school and dressing up, and I thought I felt a slight tremor.
    My mother told me that the popocatepetl volcano was throwing ashes and that I should prepare all my clothes and my stuff un backpacks and boxes and we should go away from town a few days..
    The Popocatepetl volcano wasn´t dormant anymore, the government ordered an instant evacuation and blocked the local water reservoir, mineral chunks started to fall off from buildings and the tremor increased, turning into an ENORMOUS EARTHQUAKE.
    we arrived in Guerrero at 3:30 pm and watched on TV how mayority of the city fell with a crash, the volcano didn´t erupt, but it was throwing almost toxic ashes, people here took advantage and started trading their hand-made stuff and "remedies" for toxic gas effects on fertile land, but we did´nt buy anything.
    Our house. Our home. Everything was destroyed.
    We decided to rent an apartment here and stayed near grandma. Because we suffered a lot losing our home.
    Now I understand that people in Pompeii, thousands of years ago, did´nt watch much of a show trying to escape from the lava. I feel what the survivors felt losing home, family, and friends.

  8. ANGEL

    Story 1
    I felt connected with DIFFERENT WAYS because one day I return to my house and I felt a shake,after,it was an earthquake.

    Story 2
    I felt connected with THE EARTHQUAKE OF 1985 because the movie of E.T. is similar.

    Story 3
    I felt connected with THE WORST DAYS OF MY LIFE because when I go in my car I see many persons outside its homes.


  9. I felt connected with "The earthquake in Mexico" because one day at school it was a normal, good day but suddenly a tremor started.

    I felt connected with "The earthquake of 1985" because it reminds me a movie called E.T

    I felt connected with "The worst day of my life" because one day I was at my house watching T.V and an earthquake started.

    I felt connected with "The earthquake that shook Mexico" because one day I was watching the news and I saw that people had to evacuate because the Popocateptl was throwing ashes.


  10. Our story begins in 1985. It were a good day and people were happy but at 7:19 a.m. surge a little tremor but the tremor produce a earthquake of 8.0 and all the people evacuated but one person didn't evacuate then a big rock made out of mineral destroy his house ther was an earthquake produce volcano activity and the volcano erupted and produced toxic lava that destroyed the reservoir of water. The lava flood to a farm of fertile plants. when this ended people return to Mexico city to reconstruct their houses.

    We will go back in time to year 79 CE in Pompeii the civilization has been destroyed because the Mount Vesuvious erupt because a earthquake produce volcano activity and city has been destroyed and cover with ashes.

    In the earthquake of 1985 and 97 CE but the Pompeii earthquake is more dangerous because
    the earthquake produce volcano activity.

    Leonardo and Jose Maria

  11. I connected with an actual earthquake and mind do not feeling afrodi to be in my experience an earthquake to have Been little.

    Hector López

  12. story 1
    I feel connected because it remember to me a day than I was seeing the tv and a earthquake make me stop of see the tv

    story 2
    I feel connected because it remember to my a episode of the looney tones when the granthmother say a story to Daffy and it question to it than she died

    story 3
    I feel connected becuase in the story two aliens appear and in my story a group of aliens appear

    story 4
    I feel connected because much earthquakes happend in Guerrero


  13. I connect the story of "Diferent ways" because I remmember when I was at Daniie's home there was a tremor in mexico and I was very scared & I start Crying...I was feeling very scared && very sad.

    Sofi! :)

  14. Story 1
    I felt conected with THE EARTHQUAKE OF MEXICO because when I was a little girl I was on my house and then I saw a building that it was completly destroyed, I felt scared

    Story 2
    I felt connected with DIFFERENT WAYS because on May 20 there was and earthquake on school! I felt scared :(

    Story 3
    I felt connected with THE EARTHQUAKE OF 1985 because in all my stories I put aliens! And is relative to the one of May 20 but the one from 1985 was SO strong! I felt good :)

    Story 4
    I felt connected with THE EARTHQUAKE THAT SHOOK MEXICO with my mom because she told me a relative story! I felt good!

    Story 5
    I felt connected with Leonardo & Chema´s story (doesn´t have title) because an earthquake on December 21 shaked Mexico city and my mom, Sophii, & me we don´t evacuate! I felt sad! :(

  15. I connected from One Day there a earthquake and I dont evacuate because I was sleeping

    1. I connected from One Day there an tremor I dont evacute because I dont sence because I was sleeping.