Wednesday, October 12, 2011



Kids in a joint project everyone shares responsibility and assumes a roll. You must share ideas, identify the abilities of each member of your team, have the commitment to work it, enjoy it, be responsible to do your best, offer help,and be tolerant . In a community there are volunteers and this time you are the volunteers and the group in charge of making all our Jules Verne Community have a wonderful Day of Halloween.

Every great mission needs to be planned.

Your mission is in charge of Dana (main leader)
Nina, Adrian, and Olmo are in charge of the three themes
So each team is formed by five members
Things to be worked:
1, You must give a name to each section of the house.
2. Write the names of all the members of each section and what each member will be doing in the house.
3. Contributions of each member
4. Make a list of all the things you will need.
5. Write down all the ideas and trust on everybody.
6. Ask your parents if they had done a Terror House and how did they do it.

LETS HAVE FUN.............

The main purpose for this project is to have a great time, be aware of other people, give support and contribute. Recycling is very important so always have it in mind.


  1. Thank you very much for this post my team and I hope to try with all. Thank you for your support and work that we have spent.


    Fernando, Nina, Matias, Miranda and Dana

  2. Thanks for let me be on the team in which I am member right now

    thanks to: Adrián

  3. I am very gratfull to work wiht my team that are : Adrian ,Rey ,Mau and also Obel this project will be very funny.

  4. I want to thank everybody in the project because i was with chikenpox and everybody include me. Well I am here to tell an idea for the Terror house. The idea is that with an iPad we film a video.