Wednesday, April 18, 2012

History Experts

Our story beggins with two kids that are going to the Art Institude of Chicago, where something strange happens: some paintings talk. But these paintings are sad because people don't pay attention to them. The two kids are going to talk with the owner about history of art and explain art.

Luke: Obel Garcia
Gabriela: Paola Mendoza
First painting: David Treviño
The woman in blue (second painting): Jireh Gonzales
Narrator 1: Jireh Gonzales
Narrator 2: Nina Okasaki
Woman: Karla Ibarra


  1. Hello, our names are Victoria and Arti, and we are from Chimney Hill Elementary. We are in Ms. Briske's 6th grade class. We loved your story, History Experts. It was very interesting. I liked it how the kids knew so much about the different artists and years that they were made. They would make excellent tour guides in the museum. Thank you for sharing this story with us, it was very good!!

    1. In our shcool we have diferents workshops there! we learn about art and other things, like making toys of wood there are wonderful!!! Because we made it.
      Other workshop that i loved was making a baloon with papers there were amazing!! Of those kind of workshops we have ideas for the stories.

  2. Hi my name is Harmanjot and I'm Kenver. We really liked this story because it really expressed the imagination. We found it to be very creative and interesting. We like the part how the paintings talk very sad because people don't pay attention to them. It was very abstract.

    1. Thanks for reading our story, it was a very funny experience, hope you can do it to
      thanks for enjoing it
      Karla, Nina, Obel, Paola, Jireh, David

  3. Hello, this is Jessica and Adijah from Chimney Hill Elementary, Surrey B.C. We are from Briske's grade six class, and we have read your story. It is a very professional story that most authors would come up with. We think it is very attractive and eye-popping. In the future, we hope that you will give us some advice and feedback on our projects and stories. Are there any resources or information that helped you write your story? Thank you for posting and sharing so many wonderful stories with our class. We will continue reading your imaginative stories!

  4. Obel,David,Paola,Karla,Jireh and Nina,I really like your story beacause it has a lot of information about the pictures you are going to present.


  5. I think it is an interesting story and very informative, with your story I learn new things, I never knew another paintings of the artist of the scream, THANKS and good job :)

  6. I think that it's a cool story cause is really creative and funny

  7. This story is interesting because the paintings talk and more

  8. Thank you very much Jessica and Adijah, I learn a lot of the Surrealism one of the most famous painter is Salvador Dali one of it's more famous paintings is The Persistence of Memoy that paint is so cool

    Here in Mexico is one famous museum it's name is The House of Frida Kahlo I like this museum.

    I suggest to buy a book of Salvador Dali there you can find some amazing paints