Wednesday, April 18, 2012

The robbery

The story is about 3 friends in a museum that are seeing the paintings and they ask the prices to the recepcionist. She gives a very high amount of money for each painting and they plan to steal it.
In the night, they take it but the person of the painting comes out and tell them that if they know some information, he will stay with them. They say all questions correct and the man of the painting tell them that one of them is Al Capone. Al Capone says he is good and for celebrating his rehabilitation, they will dance.

Dave-Matias Torregrosa
Freddy, Al Capone-Jaime Torres
Peter-Daniel Alejandro
Coffee guy-Olmo Lavalle
Narrator-Nina Okasaki
Recepcionist-Karla Ibarra


  1. Hello, our names are Victoria and Arti. We are from Chimney Hill Elementary and we are in Ms.Briske's 6th grade class. We found your story, The Robbery, very interesting. The only thing we did not fully understand, was the part about Al Capone. We don't know who he is, so we didn't really understand it. What made you think of this story? Do you guys have any connections to this story? Thank you for making this wonderful story, it really made our day!!!

    1. Dear Victoria and Arti: Thanks for read our story, we are very happy because you enjoyed it, well all Al Capone thing was that Capone was dressed like another person so he could be hide between the 2 other guys but then he ralized he was not a bad person and he maked real friends
      Thanks for read our story and enjoing it. Matias, Alex, Jaime, Olmo, and Karla

  2. Hi my name is Kenver and I'm Harmanjot. We both enjoyed your delightful part of the story very much. Our favorite part was when the painting had come out and asked the 3 friends if they know some information. The reason we enjoyed that is because we didn't expect that to happen at all. It was very surprising.

  3. The Robbery:

    Hello our names are Mary and Aarsh in Chimney Hill Elementary School, grade six Ms. Briske class. Our favorite part was when the painting yelled and asked if "they had any information. It was our favorite part in the story because it was unexpected that it would yell that so I loved that part.

    1. When you said the amount was high, how high was the for one painting?
    2. How did the painting talk it wasn't real?
    3. What were the questions that the man asked the 3 children about?

    1. Dear Mary and Aarsh:The amount of money was 120,000 dollars each one.
      The painting talked because the three friends steal it, so the painting was like alive and see everything.
      The questions were: From what art movement am I ?, From What yeas am I ?, what was happening in Mexico in that time ?
      Thanks for read our story, and enjoying it.
      Matias, Alex, Olmo, and Karla

  4. Matias,Jaime,Alex,Olmo,Karla and Nina I really like your story because it´s very funny and creative in the characters and story.


  5. I like this story, it's funny and misterious...
    I believe that the 2 boys and Al Capone were very intelligent and that was the reason the painting stay with them at the party.