Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Social groups in Mexico

Criollos in mexico
My group investigate about the criollos.Criollos were a social class in the caste system of the overseas colonies established by Spain in the 16th century, especially in Latin America, comprising the locally born people of pure or mostly Spanish ancestry.
The Criollo was ranked below the Iberian Peninsulares, t
he high-born permanent residence colonists born in Spain. But Criollos were higher in their status rank than all other castes people of mixed descent, Amerindians, and enslaved Africans. In the 18th- and early 19th centuries, changes in Madrid's policies towards her colonies. Criollo nationalists were the main supporters of the Spanish American wars of independence, like the Mexican independence
But in this war the Mexicans won and had their liberty.

Mauricio and Diana


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    1. Criollos in mexico
      The criollos in Mexico are sons of men and woman of Spain but they are born in Mexico. They born here because the spanish government conquered Mexico.
      You could find criollos in the colonial times here in Mexico. In the XVIII century the criollos control the most part of the commerce in Mexico. The criollos were not allowed to marry with Mexican people.

      Hector, Julio, Sofi

  2. My group investigated about the Indians in Mexico, the Indians in Mexico was another era, different from ours, the Indian era was about 13,OOO years ago. Indians' houses were located in Mexico city and Mesoamerica. There were not too much Indians because there were about 2,OOO indians.
    They were like they were because of the sun, they thought the sun was their God. Nowadays there are less Indians because of the Spanish conquest.
    Daniela & Chema

  3. The Indians
    There is a small community of Indians in Mexico consisting mainly of immigrants from India as well as their locally born descendants.
    According to the Indian Ministry of External affairs, there are about 2000 Indians living in Mexico

    Leo and Saul 