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Joint Project (The One and Only Ivan)

Tansmedia project: Collaborative reading, Jules Verne School México- Chimney Hill Canada

The purpose of this project is engage students in reading, critical thinking and comprehension.  The way students connect and discuss about a story has to do with the motivation they find to learn from real world situations. 

6th grades from each school are to read the same book, digitally (iPads - Kinddle) and in hard copies, they will share their read aloud by FaceTime or Skype, blogging, sharing by EDMODO, and also developing their own curriculum in social studies, science, language arts, and personal development areas.  They will make some research about their knowledge of gorillas and what they found in their local zoos.

Children will find ways to share the information, by multi media, sharing with their international peers and friends what they are doing and finding while they go through the reading.

Several activities are to be done in this journey learning from each other, and learning and developing not only literacy skills but tolerance, respect and team work.

Research about gorillas (1st teacher´s assignment)

26 Nov, 2012
Mexico: Research about Mexico City's zoo and Vancouver's zoo, how are animals kept in both places? Main characteristics of both zoos. Where do they get funds to preserve these zoos? Do they have gorillas, if so how many and and how is their domain? What are the names of the gorillas? Share a video if you find one.

  • Mauricio A. - The mission of the Greater Vancouver Zoo is to engage visitors in recreational, educational and conservation-oriented activities about animals and the zoo environment, to promote respect for and connectedness with the natural world. 
    The zoo still has six gorillas who are among the most popular animals there.

    • 23 Nov, 2012
    • Luz A. - The Greater Vancouver Zoo is a 120-acre (49 ha) zoo located in Aldergrove, British Columbia.
      The gorilla exhibits at zoos are often among the most popular. People love to come to see them interact in this environment. They also are in awe of the size of these animals. There are young gorillas often There too

      • 24 Nov, 2012
    • Angel A. - The Greater Vancouver Zoo is a 120-acre and is located in Aldergrove, British Columbia.
      It is dedicated to preserving and protecting endangered species and creating an educacional enviroment that inspires appreciation and concern about wildlife and wild places.
      In Vancouver Zoo the gorillas are the most popular animals and the people take care of them.

      • 25 Nov, 2012
    • Diana R. - The Greater Vancouver has 120 acres, this zoo has animals as black bear, bison, black donkey,boars,gorillas,camel,caracal,chetah,coyote,etc, in this zoo has 6 gorillas normally people visit the gorillas I think they are happy,i think the gorillas are the most popular.
      • 25 Nov, 2012
    • Ximena R. - The Greater Vancouver Zoo is located in Aldergrove, British Columbia. 
      The vision of the zoo is to become a world-renowed zoological institution dedicated to the stewardship and conservation of animals and their habitat.
      Gorillas are the most popular animals in zoos. Mainly because of their size people are amazed by these animals.

      • 25 Nov, 2012
    • Leonardo V. - The Greater Vancouver is located in Aldergrove, British Columbia. 
      the gorrilas are the most popular animals in the greater Vancouver zoo

      • 25 Nov, 2012
    • Leonardo V. - The Greater Vancouver is located in Aldergrove, British Columbia. 
      the gorrilas are the most popular animals in the greater Vancouver zoo.
      The zoo of Meico city is Chapultepec Zoo and have one Gorilla that his Name is Bantu.

      • 26 Nov, 2012
  • Eshpreet S. - The mexico City Zoo, is found to be the oldest Zoo in the world. It is located in Chapultepec. The zoo also has Gorillas. The zoo gets over 5 million visitors a year. This zoo opened it's doors in 1924. This zoo is the only zoo except, China, that has pandas kept in captivity. This zoo preserves the zoo by the money that is being raised by the admission money. There habitats are not the same as they were in there enviornment

  • R M. 
    The mexico city zoo has one gorilla named Bantu. He has lived his whole life in Chapultepec Zoo. He is a silverback gorilla.
      • Imagen de harman g.
        h. a 
        The Chapultepec Zoo has a gorilla but it is a Bantu gorilla not a Silverback. Bantu was there for his life since he was a baby and he got born in the Chapultepec Zoo.

      Discussion: (Teacher´s assignment)

       As part of our discussion base for our conversations with the students from Mexico, please provide five questions that you would think would provide a good discussion with our friends from Mexico. Your questions should be based on what has happened in the story so far. Maybe you want to post questions that you are wondering about too.... 

      • Ximena R. a 
        Division Six
        Do you think that keeping Ivan in captivity is a good idea?
          • H G. - No because they won't be in wild in there home.
            • 21 Nov, 2012

        • Imagen de Ximena R.
          Ximena R. a 
          Division Six
          Do you think that Ivan is happy living in captivity?
            • V S. - No I don't think so because he has no gorilla friends or family.
              • 19 Nov, 2012
          • Imagen de Sofia S.
            Sofia S. a 
            Division Six
            Why do you think They keep Ivan in captivity? 
              • Kandace N. - I think they kept Ivan in captivity because he was the first gorilla they found.
                • 21 Nov, 2012
              • Harman G. - They kept him in the captivity becuause people like to watch the Silverbsck Gorilla
                • 21 Nov, 2012

            • Imagen de  Angel A.
              Angel A. a 
              Division Six
              Do you think Ivan feel alone?
                • H.     - I think Ivan feels alone because he has no friends yet and no one actually to take care of him that what I think what ado you think?
                  • 16 Nov, 2012
                • Angel A. - I think Ivan feels alone because he don't know nothing about another gorilla.
                  • 20 Nov, 2012

              • Imagen de  Angel A.
                Angel A. a 
                Division Six
                Why do you think the people take the gorillas in a cage? 
                  • H G. - Because back in the day people thought the Gorillas were dangerous.
                    • 21 Nov, 2012

                What about gorillas?

                Physical Characteristics

                Few animals have sparked the imagination of man as much as the gorilla, the largest of the living primates. Most gorillas live in inaccessible regions in various dense forests in tropical Africa, and one subspecies, the mountain gorilla (Gorilla beringei beringei), was not even known to science until 1902.

                The mountain gorilla has a robust build with long, muscular arms, a massive chest, and broad hands and feet. It is the hairiest race of gorillas; its long, thick black hair insulates it from the cold of living at high elevations.


                The world's remaining mountain gorillas live within four national parks, split in two regions that are 45 kilometers (28 miles) apart.

                One population of mountain gorillas inhabits the Bwindi Impenetrable National Park in Uganda. A census in 2006 recorded 302 gorillas here.

                The second population of mountain gorillas is found in a mountainous region referred to as the Virungas, which includes Mgahinga Gorilla National Park (Uganda), Volcanoes National Park (Rwanda) and Virunga National Park (Democratic Republic of Congo). A census conducted in 2010 showed 480 gorillas live in the Virungas.


                Although strong and powerful, gorillas are generally gentle and shy. They live in groups of 2-40 individuals, averaging about 11. Groups are led by a dominant male, the silverback, named for the silvery gray hairs that grow when the male matures. The silverback serves as the chief leader and protector of the group, to whom all group members defer. He decides when and where to forage, rest and sleep, arbitrates disputes among his family members and protects them from rival silverbacks or human predators.

                Mountain gorillas have a slow rate of reproduction. This slow reproduction makes this species even more threatened. In a 40-50 year lifetime, a female might have only 2-6 living offspring. Females give birth for the first time at about age 10 and will have offspring every four years or more. A male reaches sexual maturity between 10 and 12 years. Able to conceive for only about three days each month, the female produces a single young and in rare cases twins.

                Newborn gorillas are weak and tiny, weighing about 4 pounds. Their movements are as awkward as those of human infants, but their development is roughly twice as fast. At 3 or 4 months, the gorilla infant can sit upright and can stand with support soon after. It suckles regularly for about a year and is gradually weaned at about 3.5 years, when it becomes more independent.


                It is perhaps surprising that an animal as large and strong as the mountain gorilla is primarily an herbivore. Mountain gorillas eat over 100 different species of plants. They rarely need to drink since their diet is so rich in succulent herbs, from which they get their water.

                Predators and Threats

                The primary threat to mountain gorillas comes from forest clearance and degradation, as the region's growing human population struggles to eke out a living. The African Wildlife Foundation (AWF), in collaboration with Fauna and Flora International and World Wide Fund for Nature, established the International Gorilla Conservation Program (IGCP) to safeguard the last remaining mountain gorillas.

                IGCP works on three levels: Strengthening gorilla habitat protection through regional collaboration, researching the dynamic between the human population and the natural habitat/wildlife, and working with local communities to develop livelihood strategies that are complementary to conservation objectives.

                This coalition has been a tremendous success, but support is still greatly needed. The most endangered of the gorilla subspecies, fewer than 800 mountain gorillas remain in the wild.

                Did You Know?

                There are fewer than 800 mountain gorillas left in the world.
                Humans and gorillas are 98% genetically identical.
                Male silverback gorillas can weigh 50-100 pounds more - and are about 10 times stronger - than the biggest American football players.
                When the group is attacked by humans, leopards, or other gorillas, the silverback will protect them even at the cost of his own life.

                Leonardo V. a 
                Division Six
                Mountain gorillas live in the misty mountain forests of hte Virunga Massif and Bwindi Impenetrable Forest in central Africa. They have longer, thicker fur than other gorilla subspecies, enabling them to live in colder temperatures. Adult males can weigh up to 200kg (31st 9lb), and are roughly twice the size of adult females. When they reach maturity (at around 12 or 13 years old), males develop the characteristic silver fur on their back that gives them the name 'silverback'. 

                Like all gorillas, mountain gorillas are very sociable and live in family groups led by the dominant silverback. They are largely herbivorous and eat a variety of shoots, fruit and leaves.
                Mostrar Menos

                  Knowing more about the gorillas: (Teacher´s assignment)

                  Using our understanding of the application, Wallwisher, create a "wall" that shows your understanding about Mountain Gorillas and your personal feelings toward Ivan. Your wall should include at least 5 facts about the Mountain Gorilla, at least 2 uploaded images of the mountain gorilla and at least 3 well-developed personal thoughts about what you think Ivan is going through in his situation. The "Wall" should be uploaded to Division Six, so we can all enjoy it.




                  Empathy with wild life (critical thinking - childrens´own point of view)

                  How Can We Protect Mountain Gorillas?
                  20 Nov, 2012
                  In a well-reserched and sensitive manner, create a paragraph about what can be done to protect the Mountain Gorillas from extinction. Your paragraph should be written in proper paragraph form and include a well developed thesis statement and supporting details. Your paragraph should have facts included that you have searched online.

                  I don't think that it's right to take a animals life just because they made a mistake if they make a mistake you can't just go around and kill them imagine if you were the animal and you made a mistake you would you want to get killed I don't think so. Animals have feelings to imagine how they feel right before you kill them. A lot of people make mistakes and just because they do make mistakes doesn't mean animal trainers have the right to take a animals life. Animals aren't the only people that make mistakes you don't see animals killing humans. Animals at living things to so you can't just kill them just because they made a mistake. Everyone makes mistakes and just because you make mistakes doesn't mean that you kill people or animals for that.

                  Taking an animals life, is not the right thing to do. It is not the right thing to do because if the animal does something incorrect in training, it is only training and the animal trainer could find another animal that is better at that job and the animal that did the act wrong could do a different act that it's good at, there is no reason to kill it. Even if the animal harms the human it is only because they were mistreating the animal by whipping it with a claw-stick or something else. The animal would only harm the trainer because of mistreatment and it has the rights to defend itself. It would not be right to take an animals life just because it is trying to defend itself. The same thing happened in Ivan when Stella saw a bull elephant get whipped by the trainer and the elephant attacked the trainer but the trainer took the elephants life. That is why it is not right to take an animals life.

                  It is horrible and not right to have a trainer take the animals life. It is horrible because the animal only injured you or another animal because You injured it by training or hitting it with a whip to help train it. Putting the animal down is like havering your kid hit you after all the training and sutch you did for him and then putting your son or daughter down like an animal. Do you ever wonder what the animal was thinking when you put it down like if it was begging for mercy or asking for help? Also do you ever consider it thought hitting and killing was right because that's what you the owner have taught it to learn? This is why I d not Belive it if good to have an owner take its animals life over some silly or any mistakes!

                  Teachers´s interaction

                  Srta. Spence a 
                  Division Six
                  Hi  Check out this cool video I took when I visited Rwanda and got to meet the gorillas! I've got lots more :) 
                  Ms. Spence
                    • H K. - Wow !!! amazing mrs. SPENCE is this the video u made when u went on trip ?
                      • 20 Nov, 2012
                    • Srta. Spence - Yep :) It was so amazing - they were so peaceful and friendly.
                      • 20 Nov, 2012
                    • K N. - How many pictures and videos do you have?

                    Pictures and Connections!! (The reading power!!)

                    My picture is about Ivan's memory. Before when Marc payed someone to feed and take care of Ivan the guy named jarred. One day he came with a box filled with strawberrys in his domain. Ivan was so happy and it was his favorite person. Now since marc cannot pay anyone for him anymore he left the job. Jarred had to leave because of that. Ivan was so happy and he said yum! When he got his strawberrys.

                    This picture is all about what Ivan see's from his domain.Since Ivan throws mee balls, the picture includes mee balls!Ivan likes Bob, so there is Bob in the picture.As Ivan mentioned in the story that there is a gift shop near his domain, there is a domain in the beautiful picture.Ivan mentioned that people call me the one and only Ivan, so there is a girl crying for him because she thinks that he is lonely.

                    This picture I drew is a picture of Ivan's favorite memory. I drew this picture because I think Ivan misses his mom since he is by hiself in the domain even though he has a sister (tag). I also drew this picture of Ivan's favourite memory because I thought it would be nice if Ivan didn't get separated with his sister and his mother and staying in the mall and getting looked at by people every day by hiself 

                    The picture I made is of the view Ivan can see from his domain.I drew a picture of what I think the mall ivan is in looks like.I drew a picture of the poster Ivan talks about the one that has the angry picture of him.There are no humans because it is night and there is nobody in the mall.The mall Ivan lives in is really big and has a lot of visitors but Ivan still feels like the loneliest gorrila on the planet.


                    What do I think?



                    Some questions will be answered...

                    Where is Ivan in this image and why? When this story takes place? Does Ivan have a problem?What will happen in the story? Is Ivan are a bad gorilla?

                    Hector López 🐒🐒🐒🐒

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