Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Our Story

After working our research and identifying problems in England, Mexico, and Canada. Our project continues with our story in which we feel empathy towards any problem faced in either of these countries. Here are our stories..................


  1. Diary of Emily Lawf
    Dear diary:
    Today is my first day writing here, but also the first day in London, where I am going to live for at least 4 years. I was living in Canada, but I was born in Mexico, exactly I was born on June 17, 1999. We moved because of my dad's work. My new school is called Hope Steene School. I like this school because I have a lot of new friends, well I have to go to do my homework, and then to my violin class.

    Dear diary:
    Today I met a Mexican cute boy called Jorge P. Perez.
    He told me about the problems in Mexico like pollution and overpopulation.
    I remember my dad told me that when I was born, in Mexico there was not as many people as nowadays.
    Pollution was not a problem in Canada while I was living there ... Because people made conscience about what could happen if we don' t take care about the Earth. Well I have to go to take care of the planet, Bye!!!

    Dear diary:
    All these days I wasn't able to write here, but now I have free time. Well I want to tell you that I'm sad because my friend Sally is only thinking in why her best friends don't talk to her, I was asking her why she was sad, mainly she didn't want to tell me what happened but I told her that I'm her friend & that I will not tell her problem to anyone. You know, violin class! Bye (:

    Dear diary:
    Well, I really feel sad today because I was thinking about Sally's problem and I feel empathy with her What would I will do in her place? And, our planet? What can I do? Dear diary... Think! What would I will do in very pollute places? LIKE MEXICO? Oh diary! Many questions! Please! I need help... well I’ll write to you later… Im going to think of something…

    Dear Diary:Finally!!!! I know how to help the planet!! I already found a big solution!I found in internet a campaign that make us aware about the consequenses… It is called… GREENPEACE… for all the things I read It is awesome! This campaing is solving many problems around the world… they are helping in the North Pole to take care of Polar bears because a lot of people mainly in USA & England are constructing oil mines & that is causing the dead of the animals. Well I tell you more about this when I tell Sally every single detail of this.

    Dear diary:I’m sorry I didn’t write on you in all this days… but guess what?... I’m now a member of GREENPEACE!! Isn’t it awesome??... I’m helping to gathering signs, every single sign means that those people get involved with helping the planet… Also they are giving money that is useful to take care of all those animals… OMG ! Im so excited!.. many persons may think that this is just boring & stupid but… it is not what they think! Is just incredible! We do a lot of fun activities that teach us how to create a better planet for us!

    Sofi, Dani, Ximena

  2. The empathy story
    By Mauricio Daniel y Angel

    Empathy is the capacity to recognize emotions that are being experienced by another.
    Once up on a time in a far away country was a boy named Alex.
    In his school he was always bullied by his school classmates and one friend of 6th grade felt empathy and he went with the classmates that were bullying Alex he said they that if they continue bullying Alex he will tell to the principal that they were bothering Alex,then the bullies run away from him, then John checked if Alex wasn't hurt, but he wasn't ,then the bullies returned with their big boss, Alex and John were scared and they run away , they went with the principal Angel,where they told him what it happened and then the principal and Alex and John saw that another boy was being bullied by the other bullies, so we felt empathy, and the principal interfered and the other bullies became our friends so the big bully run away like a coward, and everybody became friends and since then there are no bullies in the school.

    1. Title is missing capital letter.
      You are missing "there" in the 3rd line.
      In the 5th line instead of "and" you should put "so".
      In the 6th line you should put "and he told them".
      Past tense of run is ran.
      Instead of "what it happen" would be "what was happening".
      The principal, Alex & John.

      We think that your story is very interesting because you are realazing a real problem... & you include Empathy.
      Sofi, Saúl & Leo

  3. The Thirsty Kid
    by Luz and Diana

    Once upon a time, there was a kid that did'nt have enough water and was very thirsty, he did'nt have parents, so he lived in the streets, in that streets lived a rich family, but they thought he was awful, so they did'nt help him.

    One day The kid of the family gave him a coin, his parents punished him, so the boy didn't give that boy a coin again

    But he still felt empathy with the other boy, because had passed by the same situation once, he was poor and didn't have enough water or food to survive, but then a rich couple adopted him, so he was happier now, but one day he told his parents...

    -Mom, dad, that boy in the street is just like I was about seven years ago, why do you hate him? That means you think I'm awful too?

    When his parents heard that, they realizes their attitude against that boy wasn't right, so they took him to an adoption home, where he had lots of water, and some parents adopted him, so he was happy, and he never was thirsty again.

    1. We like the story a lot! We like your idea, but we were able to find some mistakes:
      We can find that you wrote did'nt instead of didn't
      The part that says "because had passed" we think is "because he has passed"
      We think you can make complete sentence to give only one idea.
      We can find that you wrote realizes instead of realize, realizes is for she, he or it & realize is for I & they.
      We think your story is very good! And we like it a lot!

    2. Is very funny i understand your message julio only

  4. Empathy
    by Julio and Saul

    chapter 1 The legend born
    Hello my name is Leo my parents were killed by the United Police I live in an apartment very ugly I want to cross the borderline of Mexico that’s my dream.
    I want to cross the borderline I saved $75,000 to cross it . I see a car that can transport me to United States.

    Chapter 2 the begin
    In this day I will cross the borderline.In the trayect the police discover us
    we run but they shoot us and a bullet killed a person. I run and run and I see a left house I enter... I see many furnitures when I investigate an a gun appears on a box. I hear that the door moves A police I said the police begin to shoot I go to the box I take the gun and ... I shoot the police No A person says no YOU KILL HE. I said sorry I sorry.

    Chapter 3 all or nothing
    After I kill the police I go to the jail for three years, but one day a mysterious men enter I make my two questions why they come and what he want, they enter to my cell and it say to me than I have to go with it, they get my to a secret organization to be a secret agent first I say no but when they say how many they gonna pay me I accept, they say to me than my first mission were very important because I've to kill the baron Obama.
    When I infiltrate to the building I see Obama but it has many guards with guns like assault rifles but I've a plan.
    When I enter to the office of Obama I see prints of a bomb but I've a problem, the guards of Obama see me and they call Obama when he enter I take a m27 and I shot to Obama and his guards shot me.
    I wake up and see my fathers, I think than I dead but no
    We feel empathty because we read in the news the policemen kill people when they try to cross the borderline.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. The beginning of a sentence is with capital letter. We don't understand in the sentence of one day a mysterious men enter I make two questions.

    3. Chapter goes with capital letter. Punctuation marks are very important, you were missing a period in the part of "were killed by the united police". "I live in an apartment very ugly". In that part you are missing a comma as in "I want to cross the borderline of Mexico, that is my dream." You are missing a word and "see" is supposed to be in past tense, "I saw a car that can transport me to the United States".
      In chapter 2, it is "The Beginning" not "The Begin".
      Instead of "In this day” we think is better "Today. It is incorrect the word "trayect" instead, it should say "On the way the police discovered us."
      "We" should be written with capital letter because it is the beginning of a sentence. Instead of "I see" you should write "I saw" and "enter" should be in past tense.
      Your story is very sad and tragic, it is also a little weird because the places and situations change a lot.

  5. Titles are with capital letter also in the begining of a sentence.
    Shoot is with doble o.
    "men" is plural, the singular is "man"
    When you say "you kill he" the right is "you killed him"
    "I think I dead" better writen "I think I am dead " or "I think I died"

  6. I liked the story, it is kinda weird but... Ñiehh, t's cool! xD - Luz

    I liked your story is very interesting. - Mau