Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Discrimination story by Chema, Hector, Saul, Daniel, Angel y Mau

A girl ( Sofia ) of Canada comunicate with a boy ( Hector ) of Puerto Rico that travel to the United States, he was a discriminated because he was poor and he only have the money to travel to United States,The boy of the United States want to go to Canada, but he doesn't have the money to pay the trip to Canada and the girl makes a promise to him that she will work to earn money and when she has the money she will send it to him. But the boy said to the girl that he will jump the border between Canada and the United States,else you can't work because you are too young and a girl.The girl told him that sorry for can't help but don't jump the border, because is dangerous and the police can kill you or take you to the jail if you don't have passport. He didn't pay atention to her and he go to the border.

In the journey he meet 2 boys (Chema and Mau)

The boys offer to take saul to the border,saul ask why do they want to cross it,they told him years a go they were on a school trip to study in canada and the policeman did't let Chema pass because he is black skin, and now we want to go to the United States to have a job.

When we get to the other side of the border the police saw us and we had to run very fast, but police reach us.
The policeman and the policewoman take us to the migrant office,but before we arrive a boy and a girl saved us.when this persons saved us we went directly to an office where we can make our passport.then we go to show our passport to the police. Then they return to a house were Hector talked another time with Sofia, he says that now he have a passport and she get happy.

Two persons show us some jobs and Saul decide to be an inventor, Mau decide to be a Robotic Engenier, and Chema a doctor. Since they were not discriminated they became productive people.


  1. I liked your story very much and I think your argument is very good, I didn't notice much mistakes and I liked the structure of the story (: lol It's good

  2. I think your story is good,i ldont see alot of mistakes.
    is good :)

  3. Your story was good, I really like it... you explain your point of view about discrimination & I really like that... I found a mistake in the second paragraph where you tap "he was a discriminated because..." & it is like "he was discriminated because..." but as far as I can see your story doesn't have a lot of mistakes.

  4. I like your story, I found it very interesting. I found some mistakes, there are not to much but I can notice some mistakes in the tenses and punctuation marks. It is a good story but like you skip from one thing to another and it may be a little confusing sometimes. Even though there were a few mistakes, I think that it's a nice story.

    Xime (:

  5. I like your story, it is very interesting but is like our story of my team. I found mistakes but not much. I like the part that says that the girls couldn't work beause it is gender discrimination.

  6. I liked your story so much. I like that you focused it on Discrimination and how you explain it. I didn´t notice mistakes. It is relative to ours. I liked the structure, it is like many ideas together in only one story. I liked it and I think it is very useful to create our assembly.

  7. is very sad but is interesting i like the part of the police and all the things on the story.I very special Isee some mistakes and I think it is very useful to create our assembly because is interesting