Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Investigation about butterflies by Daniel and Chema.

1-. What is the life cycle of Monarch butterflies? Monarch mother laid a few days ago an egg on a milkweed leaf. Then that egg turns into a small larva, then that larva becomes big , then that larva turns into a pupa (a pupa is like a little bag where the metamorphosis continues), then in the pupa the larva develop & then it goes out and became a beautiful butterfly! 2-. What do they eat? Monarch butterfly enjoy the natural juices from fruits like bananas, oranges and especially watermelon, which is a very juicy fruit,Monarch butterflies also drink the nectar from a variety of plants. Nectar is a sweet, sugary liquid produced in plants. Monarch butterflies are also attracted to the nectar from flowers like lilacs and golden rods. 3-. What do they migrate? Monarch butterflies feel the chill in the air. While we adapt by putting on a sweeter , the situation is much more serious for the monarchs. Temperatures below 55°F make it impossible for them to fly; temperatures below 40°F paralyze them. The monarchs originated in the tropics and can't live for long at temperatures below freezing. So thats why they come to Mexico... Because they search for warm climates. 4-. Principal enemies? predators and parasitoids should not be considered as enemies of butterflies. They could perhaps instead be thought of as Nature's way of preventing butterfly populations from getting out of control - if they were not kept in check, the populations would rapidly expand and would quickly deplete all available food resources, ultimately leading to their own demise. 5-.Why are they called monarch butterflies They are called because of their predomination of many insects and their colors. 6.-They travel from canada through u.s.a and then they end in mexico. 7.-it began on october 22 and ends in ends of February and beginings of March. 8.- a santuary is a place made specially for a specie to protect it. 9.-there is a santuary in Mexico where evey year the butterflies come to hibernate and is located in Michoacan,Puebla. 10.-By the many variations of temperatures,some butterflies die during the travel to Mexico by cold. 11.-Elephants,bears,dolphins,manatees,bat,birds,crab,gnu,goose,whañes,etc. Daniel and Chema. :D

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