Monday, April 6, 2015

Story Number Four From the Mexican Ambassadors

How much of this story is true?  How much is stereotyped?

He was tall and dark but certainly not Mexican.  He was at a spicy burrito competition. The 2015 Burrito Picante contestants were twelve taco-loving men with bushy moustaches who wore large tortilla chip sombreros.  The judges were local villagers who won the 2014 Mariachi band competition.   One of the competitors was disqualified for wearing a fake bushy moustache, which left them with only twelve competitors.  I forgot to tell you that the requirements to enter the burrito competition the contestants were to wear that the classic pointy Mexican boots for good luck, a poncho and had to sing the best Mexican song “Mucha Muchacha” while drinking tequila.  Back to our tall and dark but certainly not Mexican contestant.  His name was Fluencio and it turns out he is French Canadian from Saskatoon.  Fluencio had a life long dream to win a spicy burrito contest.  Fluencio spent many winter months in Saskatoon eating habanero peppers and sipping tequila while wearing his pointy boots, a poncho and singing  “Mucha Muchacha”.  The contest day finally arrived and Fluencio was ready.  Fluencio was really nervous but he was ready.  The crowd of abuelitas cheered them on.  Some had dentures and some no teeth.  Fluencio knew he was one of greats and he easily won the contest.   When he flew back to Saskatoon he arrived at the big event in his honor held at the hockey rink and his dad and grandpa gave him a shock of his life.  The Mexican judges ruled to disqualify Fluencio for taking a bite of his competitor’s tortilla chip hat.  Fluencio was devastated but understanding as he is already preparing for next year’s event. 

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  1. Nice story is very creative, but the only thing is that in México do not exist the burritos competitions.

    Karla Yunnuen 😄