Monday, April 6, 2015

Story Number Three from the Mexican Ambassadors....

Here is story number three......
How much of this story is true?  How much is stereotypical?

Everyday after dance class, Carlo and his siblings rushed home faster than a donkey so they wouldn’t miss their mother’s “special double decker cheese burrito”.  After lunch, Carlo wore his sombrero and was on his way to the beach where the dance festival was.  When he got there, he saw people with huge tacos and burritos.  Everyone was wearing sombreros and girls wore Jarabe Tapatios.  People were laughing and dancing until one guy came in, and shouted, “Where’s the burritos?!”


  1. It's a great story, but some Mexican people haven't even tried burritos, and we don't wear sombreros (that is just for mariachis)

  2. Great story, you did a good job. But the "Jarabe Tapatío" isn't something that you can wear, it is a mexican dance. Although your story is really nice!

    Daniela Cabrera & Fernando Cortés