Monday, April 6, 2015

Story Number two from the Mexican Ambassadors......

Here is story number two......

How much is true that is written here?

Meet Rosa and Camila.  They are best friends.  Both Rosa and Camila love making and wearing ponchos.  Soon after the girls decided to make their very own poncho shop in the very busy market.  One day, a woman came into their shop, looking for a pink poncho for her daughter’s quinncinera.  Both of the girls had fantastic suggestions and ideas.  The only problem was that the two girls could never agree on both of their ideas.  This led to a huge argument between Rosa and Camila.  They both decided to create their own pieces.  Soon after, Rosa started to notice that her poncho wasn’t coming out as she had planned.  She saw that Camila was having problems too.  So they decided to put their differences aside and to work together to make the best poncho in history.  When the customer came to pick it up, she was overjoyed.  From that day onwards, Rosa and Camila promised to always talk about their plans and work together!


  1. Nice story guys, I really liked it a lot but here in Mexico, Mexican girls and quinceañeras don't use ponchos in their daily lives but you did an amazing job, congrats!

    Daniela Cabrera

  2. I like your story but the only true thing is that the girls that celebrate her 15 birthday are named quinceañeras

    Karla Yunnuen

  3. Your history is very nice i liked a lot but the only thing is that the quinceañeras dont use ponchos
    ivan griera