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Based on what you were investigating toda y:

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iWhat is the meaning for Halloween?
When it began and where?
What is the reason for having Halloween?
What is the purpose?
How do you celebrate it?
What is the difference between the Day of the Death and Halloween?


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  1. 1 witch night

    2 that comes from many years ago.
    the ancient Celts thought that some day down the spirits, was a day when they said, the vigil of All Saints, they were dressed to scare monsters and witches, this tradition was passing, to colonial times in New England was still doing the same, but people was modified with the famous "trick or treat" trick or treat: you give me candy or if I'll play a joke

    3 allowed CIRST was created before when people were doing a celebration on May 31 last day of autumn and early winter

    4 doesnt find it

    5 going with my friends to ask from treat or trick

    6 n the Mexican Day of the Dead there is a lot of mysticism, in the Halloween party is more. Children and young people dress up for trick or treating and, if they are successful, play pranks


  2. What is the meaning for Halloween?
    All-Hallows-Even ("evening")
    When it began and where?
    Thousand years ago in great britain
    What is the reason for having Halloween?
    For having more days of party
    What is the purpose?
    I don�t find it
    How do you celebrate it?
    The last times I celebrate it was going to the house of my aunt with my family and all the kids say trick or treat
    What is the difference between the Day of the Death and Halloween?
    Halloween is from Great Britain and Day of the Death is from Mexico

  3. 1)it means hallows even that is the night before all hallows that is the mass day of all saints.
    2) it was popular zendinthe late 19TH century , it began in Roma or in Irland.
    3)this holiday is celebrated by children doing trict or treat.
    4)the reason is having fun whith friends and a lot of candies.
    5)i celebrate this day making terror houses and eat candies (only chocolate).
    6) the day of death is in here in Mexico and celebrate the death people and halloween is for having fun :)

  4. Halloween means all mallows in more or lesa
    It negan on great britain
    It was created it was created to make funnier the death
    The last year I celebrated Halloween going to other houses saying trick or treat
    The difference about Halloween and death days is: Halloween is of Great Britain and death days is from México.

  5. 1-All hallows even or all hallows day.
    2-In Europe about 1276 years ago.
    3-To give the deaths a give.
    4-That the wiches didn't come for you.
    5-With a terrorific house, going out for candies.
    6- That the day of the deads is when you celebrate the friends or families that are deathand Halloween is when you get a costume of a monster and ask for some candies.

  6. 1-all-hallows-even (evening) thats the night before all hallows day.
    2- it began 800's great Britain an France.
    the reason for having halloween is that the people could continue to celebrate a festival they had before becoming christians.
    3- because is holiday is celebrated by children doing trict or treat.
    4-i celebrate dressing up in costumes
    5- the difference is that in halloween we dress up with costumes and in the day of death we remember the death

  7. 1:The word Halloween is first attested in the 16th century and represents a Scottish variant of the fuller All-Hallows-Even ("evening").
    2:It begun in Great Britain.
    3:The reason is that historian Nicholas Rogers, exploring the origins of Halloween, notes that while "some folklorists have detected its origins in the Roman feast of Pomona.
    4:The purpose is to have party and make activities like costumes party and trick or treat.
    5:I celebrate it asking trick or treat with friends.
    6:The difference between halloween and day of the death is that in halloween yo ask trick or treat and you use costumes and in the day of the death that is 2 days (November 1 and 2). November one is for death children and November 2 is for adults. Also the day of death is that this celebration is only for death people and remember them.