Wednesday, April 18, 2012


TANIA- Dana Brito
ALISON- Nina OKazaki
VANESSA- Miranda Bustinzar
JOY- Karla Ibarra
NARRATOR- Paola Mendoza
STORYTELLER - Matias Torregrosa

This story is about one girl who visits The Art Institude of Chicago. Suddenly she was stucked when she found an extit she hears some voices, who are paintings and become alive in the night. Alison, Vanessa and Joy were having a discussion about which style is the best Surrealism, International Style or Harlem Renaissance. When they know that Tania needs to go to her house they realize they need a magic key to leave this world of art and they help her.


  1. Hello, Our names are Arti and Victoria. We are from Ms.Briske's 6th grade class at Chimney Hill Elementary. Your story, The Mysterious Voices was very creative. We love the whole concept of the paintings coming alive at night. It was good, but our only suggestion is that you shouldn't have switched scenes, because it was confusing. We wish you had wrote more, because it was one of the best stories we have read so far. Thank you for writing this story, it was amazing!

    1. Thank you, we work all together to get ideas for our diferent stories. we get the ideas remmembering some workshops, like baloons of cantoya that we make of paper and we put fire and then the baloons goes up, loteria is a game that one person said you a thing and other people with rocks cover the things that the person said and if one person finish to cover all she or he wins and shout loteria!
      Also we get a literature workshop were diferents authors explain us how did they get inspired and all about the process to complete a book

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  3. The Mysterious Voices

    Hello we are Aarsh and Mary from Chimney Hill Elementary in Ms. Briske's grade 6 class. The part that we loved was when they said they needed a key to leave the world of art because it was interesting and suprising.
    Good Job!!!!

    1. Who was the mysterious voice?
    2. Is it stucked or stuck?
    3. How did they get in the World of Art in the first place?

    1. Hi I will ask you your questions Aarsh and Mary.
      The first question was who is the misterious voice?
      But if I tell you it will don't be misterious anymore.
      The second question was who was stucked the person that was stucked?
      was tania.
      The third question was how did they get in the world of art in the first place?
      They went to the art institut of chicago that it is a museum

  4. Nina,Dana,Karla,Paola,and Miranda your story is very interesting and exciting.I think that the best one of this 3 art styles is surrealism because I like the paintings from this style.


  5. I like the story and I think all of those movements are very interesting. It's funny and crazy. The 3 girls were very kind with Tania.


  6. If I don't knew your story and only read the synopis, I will not understand it very well, but it is a very interesting and creative story.

  7. The story is interesting and also its wonderful

  8. Hello Aarsh and Mary!!
    1.The mysteriuos are Alison,Vanessa and Joy.
    2.Was stucked.
    3.When they entered to the museum.

    Karla Ma.