Tuesday, January 20, 2015


     Religion (Christianity)
Hi, I'm here to write for you about Christianity.
Christians  believe in just one God. Their holy book is called The Bible and their main prophet is Jesus Christ.
Some people go to church on Sundays (and others go twice a week, every day, or they don't even go)
Christians have traditions like: Christmas, Easter, New Year (well, that tradition is worldwide, but anyway, Christians celebrate it differently than other people) Holy Week, Kings Day, etc.
Not every Christian is the same, because some people don't celebrate those traditions, don't go to church, and there are variations of Christianity, like Marists for example.
I chose this religion because my parents, grandparents, and basically every person I know, believe in God, Jesus, Mary, etc. and is very interesting writing about it (even though I'm Atheist, I respect religion and all the people who believe in it).
By Eduardo Hdz.

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