Monday, April 18, 2016

Pollution. #Banana

Most people think of Mexico as a beautiful country filled with natural wonders and cultural splendors, but it has another side that is not widely talked about. The other side of Mexico is of great environmental problems. Air pollution in Mexico is a problem that they have ignored for many years and they are just now starting to address this problem to their environment. This inattention to air pollution concerns have caused some degrading of the environment.

What does Mexico make to help pollution

The day stop circulating vehicles with rubberized color :

Monday Yellow ( 5 and 6)
Tuesday Rosa ( 7 and 8 )
Wednesday Red (3 and 4 )
Green Thursday ( 1 and 2)
Blue Friday (9 and 0 ) , permits and registrations without number
But this campaign only help to reduce pollution in a 5% so it is a bad idea but it reduc traffic

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