Thursday, March 8, 2012


My tribe is located in Kenya. I speek maa. Some of the things I do are: Women supply water, collect firewood and cook. Men and some big kids are responsible of security and protecting their family. We are semi-nomadic people, deppending of the seasones. Our religion is monotheism, incuding religion. We olso sing and dance in our ceremonies. Children take care of some animals and some times we use them to eat or like money. Our clothes have colors like red, yellow and for the women pink. 
Paola and jaime.


  1. It's a very big tribe and i like the colorful neckless. I think that the tribe is unjusitice of the diferent gender .


  2. This tribe have very colourful clothes and i like that.
    Very interesting information about the seminomadic poeple because thats very crazy.

  3. WOW!!! Big kids take care of the family, their necklace is very strange vut cool, good job.

  4. Interesing the maasai and what dothey do.

  5. Excellent... this tribe have a good information I like this tribe is awesome

  6. The information is so good i think it is important that the children take care of the animals and also this tribe is so BIG
    i like it so Much!!!!!!