Thursday, March 8, 2012

Tribes round the world

The Hamar
My tribe is located on the South of Etiopia. Our population is about 8,000.
All are scattered trough the Omo River.I speak the language Hamer-Banna and
Hamar- Koke.Things that we do are working and buying on the market .
We live on adobe houses.When the is a marriege theres always a celebration in which there are 20 bulls on one side and the boyfriend on the other,and he has to run over them.The girls and the women paint their hair with clay but this cause infections on the neck. The boys and men usually paint their bodies With religious signs and uses mini-skirts.

Fernando and Obel.


  1. I think that is crazy past over the bulls but is their tradition . And what they eat or they hunt animals .


  2. Their traditions are VERY VERY different from ours, specialy in the marriages. Olso the paonting of head and the painting of religious sings.

  3. This tribe is very interesting and a strange culture but cool. Very good job.

  4. Rare tradititions like the marriege but interesting

  5. their traditions are so funny because you do races in the horses

  6. Wow is amazing this tribe because of the 20 bulls! incredible.

  7. I can`t beleive it 20 BULLS!!! they are alot i like alot this informations they are so rare the ceremonies and traditions
    a very GOOD informations!!!!!