Monday, January 21, 2013

Around the world in 80 days by Hector and Daniel.

Once upon a time there was a boy that lived in London and he did a bet with his friends thet he may travel all the world in 80 days,the he decided which countries he could visit of the world.So then he left in an airplane in first class the people in the plane gave him a deluxe dinner.The next day he arrived to France and he met a painter and his daughter,he fell in love with her and then his enemy of the school tried to stop him and then he fight with young ninjas then tey escaped to a sacred temple of the monothiesm religion,in it they hide in the church but the ninjas didn't follow them then the jid,his mom,the painterand his daughter travel to Italy where they saw the Pizza Tower then they traveled to India were they found another friend who lived in the communty that the boy lived and then the friend took them to the native community where they pray to their god Buda,there are many types of Budas they are polythiesm culture and then they made a ritual of celebration for the new tourists ,then they travelled to Japan where they also believed in Buda and then they travelled to United States and they visited L.A to spend christmas in there they saw an exotic place to stay the holiday,finaly they arrived to London where they celebrate because they won the bet.

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