Monday, January 21, 2013

Around the world in 80 days (by Mau, Danniela && Leo)

Once upon a time Yaki-Yancito the flyer went to the United States in the holidays. He has already made a friend, called Chaw who believed in American laws & religipn. Their religion is monotheism because he is catholic. So then they made a bet, Yaki-Yancito bet he can find a culture in which they have a polythiesm religion, Chaw gave him 80 days to find at least 2 religions. He starts in Japan & finished in the United Kingdom. They countries he has already visit are China, France, Egypt, Italy, India & Arabia. When he returned to U.K. community, he remembers how he traveled to many countries: Ocean-by boat, Air- by ballon & land by train, an exotic train.
When he came back the problem began, Chaw didn't accept Yaki-Yancito won, they were in Chaw's native land, so U.K politics help Chaw to win the bet, they told the people that Yaki-Yancito stole the magic diamond they use to do rituals. Yaki-Yancito don't had a very good economy, that's why he do a bet, & yes he won the money, Chaw promise him before he starts to travel & travel, Yaki-Yancito prayed and prayed to Japan people in their sacred church to help him, they accepted & won with hi, so Chaw went to the jail & Yaki is a millionarie! Kapan peole do a celebration. THE END

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