Friday, January 11, 2013

The One and Only Ivan / Ivan´s and Tag´s Feelings Being Trapped

Animals are being trapped all over the world and taken away from their families to be trained for exhibitions in circuses or to be exhibited in zoos, sometimes they are mistreated. Ivan and his sister Tag were trapped when they were babies , their parents were killed. How did they feel? How would a person feel if that happens to him or her?


  1. I think their feelings are sad and scary, sad because they are capture in a little space and scary because they don't know where they go.


  2. I think that the feelings of the humans is the same.


  3. I think Ivan & Tag's feelings are like humans' feelings because they are very similar to us, and they are feeling sad, because they are being taken away from their family and they are scared because they are going somewhere without their parents and their parents are dead and they are just little babies.

  4. I think Ivan and Tag feel sad because they are capture.
    They can be hungry because they don´t have food to eat.
    If I been capture like Ivan I will feel sad.
    I can be angry with the people that capture me.


  5. i think Ivan and Tag feel sad because the place that they are is bad and they dont have food.


  6. I think Ivan and Tag's feelings aren't a very good ones, because they are confused and also sad.
    They can be hungry and also confused 'cause they are in a cage, and it is not common for them to be in one.
    If I where in Ivan's place, I will feel very bad, and I will miss my family 'cause I will not see them in a very longtime or never.
    I will be very very angry with all humans that capture me.
    Danniela (:

  7. I think ivan and tag feel bad because they are in captivity,I think they are also sad because maybe take them to a place that is not nice and they not have food.


  8. I think that Ivan and Tag´s feelings are just sadness and fear. They were captured and they have feelings just as everyone. They can also feel confused because they don't know where they are, they were taken away from their family and they're just babies.


  9. Ivan and tag are worried and they don't have any idea of what is happenning and why humans trapped them.

    The humans also were confused and they feel sad some hunters are cruel.
    Daniel :D

  10. I think Ivan & tag were completely worried because they don't really knew where they were going.
    I think Ivan was no too sad because his sister was with him but at the moment she died... He just let him down.
    I think tag cannot survive to that attack because the pain that she was feeling was completely strong & she cannot continue living.
    I think they were confused because they don't really knew what happened ... They were just babies.

    Sofi (: