Thursday, July 3, 2014

Our school year

Our School Year
Our story begins on 20th of August, we started 7th grade, we already knew miss Martha but we met Professor Armando they are both a team, they had shown us lots of things.
We remember our first day as seventh graders... How to forget it, it was an awesome day, in Spanish class we met our new professor and we started knowing each other, and with miss Martha we started talking of our vacations.
On the first month we learned some new words and some grammatical rules. 
On september is the Independence Day, so we celebrated it with a big party and most of us wore typical dresses, Tony gave the shout of independence  in our school, he made the shout wonderful. The Independence day is a really important day for us, in school we celebrate it with tostadas ( a Mexican plate) music, costumes and the kids of pre-school dance a Mexican dance for all the school.
On october we made our haunted house, It was an amazing experience, It was too hard to plan it and make it real, but we made it. We had 2 different teams with different stories. When we finished doing it, all the school enjoyed our haunted house.   Everyone had fun and got scared. We learned how to work as a team and we also participated with our teachers and classmates from other groups.
But we had also an amazing project with Canadian kids, we were reading a book called out of my mind it was about a girl with cerebral palsy, we skyped with the Canadian kids to talk about the book. We learned lots of values and that we have to respect everyone even if they have any disease. It was a really interesting book, we still remember when we were going to read the book, everyone was really excited. We had a group on Facebook and on the blog, everyday we commented  there about each chapter of the book and what was the part we most liked about that chapter.   Also we made I movies. It was an incredible book! We loved it!!!!!!!!

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