Thursday, July 3, 2014



In our school we learned too many things that help us in our lifes ,
For example : In the 2nd of November we celebrate verry good and we put our photos of parents that has died in the table with the skeletons and candies .
And learnt about how to celebreate christmas , in christmas we made a tree and a festival that we hit the piñata for candies , toys , etc .
We learned about math , spanish and more , we had good times and it was fun when the teachers made activities with us . Next we learned about the human body and we know that one person has many organs in the body and veins and heart , and more .
We celebrated Halloween and it was very funny because we worked together to have the best scary house and it was funny . Finally we went to six flags with all the seventh graders and we played in many games for example : kilahuea , splash , batman , medusa and more games .

It has been a great year!
Mariano Zamudio

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