Thursday, July 3, 2014

Our last year

                                   Our Last Story
Our story begins with our first 2 months August-September, we thought we were having a new classmate, but he didn't come.We met new teachers . They teach us really well .In this year we review all the things we have seen in other years like addition of fractions and subtractions . ( our teachers this year were Mrs. Martha and Mrs. Armando )  

In September we  celebrated   the  Independence Day , in that day we made a play about the shout of the Independence, Tony was the president and we were the audience. We learn how to be proud of our country, also we learn that we need to respect people and our own traditions. The kids of pre-school danced a traditional Mexican dance.  

In October we began 2 new projects with Miss Martha one was Out of my Mind ( a book we read) it was about a girl called Melody , she had cerebral palsy, but she was very smart! We learned the importance about respect and equality. Also we had a Facebook page and we shared our opinion and our feelings with our sister school in Canada. We learned the importance of respect and the true love.  This are some examples of the the assignments we had.

The other project that was the Haunted House , we were really exited about it . First we made teams and we choose the theme then we worked in the story and we had the  idea of the characters, then we made a description of the setting we needed, then we choose our wardrobe for the haunted house.
And then on 31st of October we made our Haunted House alone. But Miss Martha and Mr. Armando help us. We learned how to be organized , how to work In  team , and have compromise.

In November we made a lot of thankful thoughts for Thanksgiving Day about our families , traditions and   the people we love , also in November we danced in Mexican Revolution Day  to celebrate and show Mexican traditions in that day .

In December we prepared our Christmas Festival and many gifts and surprise, in cooking class we made walnut balls for Christmas Day ( a gift for our parents . 
Also we sang a song for Christmas festival we rehearse a lot 

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