Thursday, July 3, 2014

Our school year

Our story began when we entered to school on August 21st when we entered to 7th grade and our adventure began, although we had only 1 week of August. That week was for meeting our teachers, know how they work and to get used to our new classroom.

After that, September started as the preparations for the celebration of Mexico's independence and our poem contest. 
It first started with the poem, we started to work hard for winning but sadly, we lost.
After our contest, the independence celebration was here, Tony gave the shout of independence, we ate tostadas, the other grades made poems, stories and sixth and seventh graders that learned the poem, started telling it. That was a very interesting day.

Then, October appeared and so as our haunted house, it was very hard but we enjoyed every part of that house and the creation of it. We made 2 ghost families with 2 different stories. We created new forms to scare each grade depending on the ages of the ones visiting our haunted house.
Also, we started reading the book " out of my mind" that was a very interesting book about a girl of 11 years old called Melody that had a problem but she was very intelligent and we read her story, it made us notice that you shouldn't judge people just because of how she looks. We made drawings and movies about what we read so we could share our opinions about the book and show the people what's the story about.

Tere, Emi and Kevin

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