Thursday, July 3, 2014

Our story continues in Thanksgiving and Christmas

On November is Thanksgiving day, so we made a picnic, everybody brought different kind of food and we shared it, we learned that we are really lucky for all the things that we have. We had an awesome and friendly day. Also we had the day of the Mexican revolution!!!!!! Each grade of primary danced a a Mexican dance to remember our Mexican revolutionaries ancestors!!!!! It was an incredible day!!! 
We had our Christmas  festival, we practiced our dances and songs.  We enjoyed every moment and finally we did the presentation of  our dances to our parents, we had like in all our school kinds of stores who they sold food, toys, drinks and more things, it was such a fun day!  On Christmas  day we could imagine everybody received presents and had an awesome evening. 
 Rodrigo & Mica

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