Thursday, March 8, 2012

Tribe around the world


 My tribe is located in Northeast Tanzania in the Usambara Mountains, Africa.

I speak Kishambaa (central .

 Some of the things I do are   wooden sculpture and medicine gourds that are used in healing ceremonies they have been fortunate to be able to obtain their ornaments and tools through trade. Blacksmiths traditionally forged iron tools and weapons. Toymaking was a favorite pastime for children, who made wooden objects such as small spears and cooking utensils. Children still make their own toys.

Mauricio y Nina


  1. I think that is very clear your informatinon and ,why in the photograps the woman have a ribbon in the head and what do they hunt .


  2. Very similar information as others , and i say that toy making is a very fun activity.

  3. Good work but like Jireh, why does one in the picture has a ribbon in the head'

  4. it is a rare tribe because that man use a ribbon in the head

  5. Wow is like the photos of this tribe are amazing.