Wednesday, May 11, 2016


Final the book thief 

The last night liesel and Annette where walking on the street and they saw a soldier drunk and he sed
-what are you doing you- the soldier see angry
- nothing we are just talking- liesel sed 
-you can't stay here at this hours you must be in your houses- the soldiers says 
-oh ok-liesel says 
-But why?- liesel continues speaking 
The soldiers says –because I said it- 
He trod the alcohol glass in the part where liesel and Annette where walking, and he throws his lighter in to Annette’s shoos and with the mental problem that she had she wasn't able to run and safe her  life so she burned of his legs and her arms but liesel towed to Annette a glass of water and Annette safes his life.
After that she was really tankful with liesel and they lived a weary beautiful.

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