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The Book Thief

The Book Thief


Andres – Death
Tamara – Amara
Edmann – Mayor
Ian – Soldier
Dara – Rose
Vanessa – Annette
Diego - Life
Pablo – Max
Omar – Papa
Gustavo – Rudy
Jun – Life
Chelsea – Liesel
Jose – Death
Cristian - Frank


Death: This story is about survivors. About a thin girl, who really knows what is to be abandoned. The first time I saw Liesel was when it was snowing. The snow reached up to your knee. The trees were covered by snow so they looked as if they had a tablecloth on top. You could imagine that someone had died.

Life: Like there is death there is also life. I represent life, and I will take you through the good things that happen in this story.

Frank Heinrich: Liesel, we have almost arrived with your new family.

Death: Liesel was thinking about her brother. They were on their way to Himmelstrasse when they discovered that Werner was dead.

Life: Sometimes life isn''t fair and takes away little kids that are innocent.

Fraw Heinruch: Liesel, I will introduce you to your new family.

Liesel raised her eyes and saw a couple. A thin man with dark circles under his eyes and a fat woman who walked like a duck.

Rosa Huberman: Don’t you hear, Saumensh?

Hans Huberman: Come on Liesel, don’t you want to see the house?

Liesel smiles and gets out of the car. Hans guides her toward the house. When he opens the door, smell of wood and tobacco fill her lungs, Liesel passes the next day extremely afraid. Then one day, when she is on her way home, she sees a girl looking at the clouds.

Liesel: What is she doing, mom?

Rosa: I don’t know. She is crazy.

Next day

Rosa Saumesch: Wake up, you have to go to school.

Liesel: Yes, mom.

Hans: Good morning your majesty.

Liesel smiles and starts to eat.

Anette, Rudy and Amara knock on the door.

Anette, Rudy and Amara: Hi, we are taking Liesel to school.

Liesel and Anette go to school and come back talking. On their way back they meet Rudy.

Rudy: How are you doing with your reading?

Liesel: I'm getting better every time.

SONG (A Little Party Never Kills Nobody)

The Fuhrer Birthday

Death: It was Hitler’s birthday and Germany was winning the war. It was time to celebrate. All the people of the village walked to the city center at dusk to celebrate the Fuhrer birthday with a bonfire.

Life: People have been taken through horrors of war and celebrate something they didn't believe in.

Amara: Como on, Liesel, we need to go to the bonfire.

Papa Rudy: Its beginning.

Mayor: Our nation has been printing leaflets, thanks to our Furer, Our Furer protects  us of the human waste that infects our country> the communists and the Jews.

Next Day

Rosa: Saukerl, you have to go to school, and remember that when you get back you have to help me with the laundry
Liesel: Yes, Mom.

Death: Liesel and Anette go to school. On their way to school, Liesel realizes that Anette is different from other girls. She gets distracted very easily during classes but always gets 10 on the exams. Liesel doesn’t care about that. She is her friend.

Life: We have to learn accept people that has different skills, and try to be tolerant, patient and loving.

On that week something spectacular happens in Huberman's house. Max Vanderburg arrives. Hans opens the door.

Hans: What happened?

Max: The police hit  me and I feel very bad

Then he faints. Hans screams.

Hans: Liesel, Rosa! Please help me!

They take Max to the bed and they take care of him.

Amara and Anette arrive next day to Huberman´S house.

Amara: What can I do? How can I help?

Liesel: You can give him to eat this soup.

Anette: What  else can I do?

Liesel: You can read to him.

Anette: Where do I get the book?

Liesel: I lend you one. I got  it from the bonfire.

Some days later. Max is much better.

Max: What can I do for you in return?

Liesel: Please teach me how to read.

Soldier: Toc, toc. Open the door.

Papa opens the door.

Papa. Yes what do you want.

Soldier: Have you seen a jewish boy?

Papa: No, no we haven't.

Soldier: Are you sure?

Papa: Yes, we haven´t seen anyone.

Life: As you can see, friendship overcomes all the obstacles and it doesn't care about race, religion or color.

“You too, you too.” (Piel Canela)


Death: One day everybody was sleeping when they heard the sirens but it was to late.The bombs fell one after another. Liesel survived because she went down to the basement to write her story.

Liesel: Oh, my God, what is this? What has happened?

Death: Liesel then realizes that she is all alone again. Almost evrybody died in that bombing. Max also survived but he was taken to a concentrations camp.

Life: Years later they meet again in New York. Liesel has become a famous writer. She has taken Annette. She is her assistant.
Amara: It's so wonderful to see you again.

Liesel: Yes, yes I'm so glad to see you. How are you Max''?

Max. I am fine. I was in a concentration camp for three years but I survived.

Anette: I'm fine. I went to college and I have a degree in English.  And I work for Lisa.

Amara: Let's go have some dinner and go to the theater.

Life  Even though war was a terrible experience, these four children became adults and enjoyed  a fulfilling life.


Mambo #5

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