Wednesday, May 4, 2016

The book thief

Dead [misterous voice]: This story of that sirvivors, a thin girl, that knows, really knows what to be abandoned means.
The first time I saw Liesel was in a bling white snow, the footsteps near the road of the train were drawn until the high of the knee... the trees were covered by a tablecloth of snow... like you can imagine someone died.

Fraw Heinrich [easy]: Liesel, we almost arrive with our new family.

Dead [misterous voice]: Liesel was thinking about her brother. They were in their way to Himmelstrasse when her mother and Liesel discovered Werner was dead. 

Fraw Heinruch [easy]: Liesel I will introduce to your new family.

Liesel raised her eyelid and she saw a couple: A thin man with dark circles under his eyes and a fat woman that walked like a duck.

Rosa Huberman [desesperated]: What don't you hear, Saumensh?!

Hans Huberman [peacefull]: Come on Liesel, do you want to see the house?

Liesel smiles and get out of the car. Hans guide her toward the house, when he open the door of the house a hard smell of wood, dust and tobacco fit in the room.
Liesel passed the next day's very afraid, one day, when she was on her way home, she saw a girl looking to the clouds.

Liesel [curious]: What she is doing mom?

Rosa [desasperated]: I don't know she's kind of crazy.

At the next day

Rosa [exasperated]: Sawnsmench wake up, you need to go to school.

Liesel: Yes mom 

Hans [happy]: Good morning your majesty 

Liesel smiles and start to eat.

-Toc, toc, toc.

Anette [happy]: Hi I'm going to take Liesel to school. 

(Liesel and Anette go to school and they come back talking) 

Rosa [desasperated]: Saukler! Finally you arrived!

Liesel [scared]: Sorry mama.

(Anette parts of, and something sounds like someone is shouting with happiness)

Kid [happy]: War! War! Inglan prodaime war!

Liesel [curious]: Why are they very happy (in her mind) 
(The night arrives, they dinner and went to bed. 

Liesel: Good night papa.

Hans: Good night, wait, what is that?

Liesel: Is a book.

Hans: And it's yours?

Liesel: It wasn't mine, but now yes.

Hans: Do you know how to read?

Liesel: No 

Hans: And would you like to read it with me?

Liesel [excited]: Yes please! 

Hans: The great graveyard book...

(They kept reading all the night) 

Hans: Perfect! You already know how to read! 

Rosa: Saukerl, you have to go to school, and remember that when you get back you have to help me with the laundry.

Liesel: Yes mom.

Dead: Liesel and Anette go to school. 
On their way to school, Liesel realize that Anette was different from the other girls, she distracts very easily, in the classes she don't put attention but she gets 10 every time in the exams, Liesel don't care about it, she is her BFF.

On that week something spectacular happened in the Huberman's house with the arrive of Max Vanderburg.

- Toc, Toc, Toc.

(In the midnight) 

(Hans, Rosa and Liesel get up) 

(Hans one he door and he sees a thin and he sees a thin, sick and fragil man)

Max: Do you still play the accordion? 

(And the man fell to the floor, Rosa and Hans hurry to raise him and take him upstair, they put him in a bed next to Liesel bed)

Liesel: watch is happening? 

Rosa [desesperate] nothing bad

Dead: Rosa and Hans help max to go up stairs and to go to his bed. 

The next day Max woke up and ate the vegetables soup of Rosa, but in the next 2 seconds he throw up the soup
 (Death laugh)

Death: Rosa took the decision to mice max to the basement to avoid problems with Nazis.

Liesel: Hi max how do you feel with this change? 

Max: It's ok for me but one describe me the day please !!

Liesel [smiles]: It's like the clouds where crying!! 

Liesel: Yes!! mI have  idea I can bring you one form outside!!

Death: Liesel go faster to street and with buckets she brought snow in to the abasement to max.

To be continue...

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