Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Day Of the Dead

Day of the dead By Sophy & Saul
During the celebration of the Day of the Dead people were questioning about the origins and they discovered that some of the origins of the day of the dead were started in pre-Hispanic era. One day a guy named Jesus went to a expedition for finding more information about the Day of the Dead, he went to some countries were Day of the Dead is celebrated like Brasil, Ecuador , on Guatemala they celebrated like this: Each October 31 and November 1, families all over central America gather to honor their dead in family cemeteries. Plots are cleared of debris, flowers are placed, and candles are lit. It is a day of celebration, of remembering and honoring those who came before& Uruguay.They told him about some of the legends & also they told him the day that is celebrated the Day of the Dead is November 2nd ,after all the things he habout the Day of the Dead he think is important to continue with this tradition because we can remember our love dead people & celebrating them too. Also when Jesus notice that celebrating day of the dead was fun he start to make art like "esqueletons with china paper" etc. and he always celebrate "day of the dead every year"

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  1. Poner el altar de muertos, en las casas, con fotografias de seres queridos, con los alimentos y bebidas que les gustaban.

    Papa de Sofia