Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Halloween in Germany

By Daniella and Julio
Halloween is a yearly holiday, some countries go trick-or-treating & others do festivals honoring dead, someone telling scary stories, & watching horror films.
Halloween began since the mid. 1800's, Irish & English inmigrants brought the tradition of Halloween to America.
During the Middle ages (about 600 years ago),the Roman catholic church at that time, decided to make the change-over allowed the new converts to maintain some of their pagan feasts (We're talking about Christianity) Also is celebrated on October 31st. Irish began this festivity.
We think it is celebrated because they think they need to have a day to celebrate scary things.
Halloween may not be a traditional German celebration, but almost every German youngster knows about it. For adults as well, over the last decade or so Halloween has become increasingly popular in Europe, and particularly in Germany. It is now common to see pumpkin (Kürbis) and jack-o’-lantern decorations in Austria and Germany by mid-October.
They most celebrate this festivity on October 31st like many countries.
Also on November 2nd. But is more religious.

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