Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Day of the Dead

During the celebration of Day of the Dead, people where questioning about the origins and we told them that the Day of the Dead celebrations in Mexico can be traced back to its indigenous pagan cultures. The day of dead is celebrated in Guatemala,Brasil,Mexico.
Brasil: 6-11-12
dates are important because they are very great and is fun Day of the Dead
The art of day of dead is beautiful because there are many colors. It is like "papel picado" and music.
is a very festive day.
When it is day of the dead, I feel very happy.

In a far away country, well, actually not THAT far away, just in Brasil, some Kilometers away, on November 5th, I missed only 2 things of home: the language (portugese is really difficult) and the day of the dead.
I asked someone : "você comemorar o dia dos mortos?" if they celebrated it, with very little hope, I did'nt really think they did, actually, I was more aware for an answer like "não, não, volte de onde você está, se é isso que você está procurando (no, we don't, go back from where you are if that's what you're looking for)" but they said, yes, then, a boy called Juan said that a witch had controlled the state, but he said I was the only one to save him because he had a very bad father.
By Luz&&Julio

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