Thursday, October 25, 2012

The Black cat whithout eyes

The Black cat whithout eyes by Daniie & Sophy Once upon a time... in a far away country... a very cute cat had a several ilness... & he become Blinde so the owners of the cat try to investigate the weird ilness.. but they don't find any results... many time later the owners of the cat had a baby... time later the baby grow, but the cat start to be more and more ill again ... & he died... time later when the baby of the owners grow he lived in that old house where the rests of the cat were buried... but he don't know the horrible things that can happen... time later ... Some paranormal things start happening... once at the middle of the night he saw a man... like a cat but whithout eyes... he was black & not so cute... so after that day everyone says that the black cats are bad luck animals!


  1. Ithink that the story is sad because the cat is ill and went blind and then it dead and is some terrorific because the paranormal things that happend.

  2. I think that the story is sad because of the cat.
    I like your story even though is a little sad.


  3. I think the story is because the cat dead and it is very terrorific because of the paranormal things.